Daycare Facility Name

Aida's Daycare
Street Address
Jefferson Park
Zip Code
(773) 316-4094
Email Address
Hours of Operation
7:30 am to 6:00 pm
One opening available august 2012
Center or Home Based
License Number
Age Groups
24 months to 5 years

Description/Special Services:
I am a mother of one young adult. I am certified in adult and child CPR as well as First Aid and am licenced by DCFS. I worked 11 years in a residential facility for developmentally disabled children and adults. During the last two years I headed the literacy program teaching reading, writing, math, and computer skills.

Located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Jefferson Park. The entire lower level of my home is dedicated to my daycare with a separate side entrance. The daycare is set up as a safe environment for your child. With childproof cabinets and doors. We have periodic fire drills and we have fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide alarms located throughout the house. Through a nurturing environment and caring staff we provide the building bocks for your child's development, education and socialization skills. With daily preschool activities, adaptable to toddlers and preschoolers, we incorporate structure into play and learning. We include beginning spanish as well as introduction to the computer. Play and exploration is equally important and incorporated in the daily routine. Weather permitting your child will be able to enjoy recess in a safe, enclosed back yard. Meals and naptime are scheduled but the daily routine is flexible to accomodate each child's stage of development.


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