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Discipline in the Daycare Setting

Protecting Children in Daycare from Heat-Related Issues
In the heart of every thriving daycare lies a foundation of discipline. Not the rigid, punitive discipline of the past, but an evolved concept rooted in understanding, guidance, and positive reinforcement. For children, the daycare environment can be one of their earliest exposures to a structured community outside their family.....

Traveling with Children - Winter Edition

A childcare center may not be the first thing you'd expect at a ski lodge. Small World Child Care center in Mammoth Lakes, California, is equipped with everything you'd find at any daycare facility. There are cribs made up in a separate room for napping, as well as toys, face painting, a play house and other child-friendly amenities. Most providers who successfully make it through the first few years eventually start considering the idea of whether or not they could afford some help with the da care............

Provider Burn Out - It's Problems and Solutions

Provider burnout is a major concern in the daycare industry. The constant demands of caring for young children can be exhausting, both physically and emotionally, and can take a toll on providers over time. Burnout can negatively impact not only providers, but also the children in their care and the families who depend on them. In this essay, we will explore the causes and effects of provider burnout and discuss strategies for preventing and managing burnout in the daycare industry........

Government Subsidies and the American Families Plan

Government Subsidies
Childcare is a crucial aspect of a child's development, and it has been a challenge for parents to find affordable and reliable childcare options. The government recognizes the importance of childcare and is considering various subsidies to support daycare homes and centers. In this article, we will discuss the current subsidies being considered for daycare homes and centers, their potential benefits, and the challenges they may face.......

Transporting Daycare Kids

I know there are many types of agreements between parents and providers when it comes to having children in the provider's vehicle. There are parents who want it for their kids and many who pay providers to transport their child to and from school and preschool. Some providers transport their own children to school and have field trips as a major selling point of their business.......

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