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The Daycare Home Staff Assistant

This is the first of a five part series on staff assistants in the home child care setting. The first installment is to help the provider figure out some of the financial aspects of hiring a helper and some tools to assist with determining salary and hours. Most providers who successfully make it through the first few years eventually start considering the idea of whether or not they could afford some help with the da care......

Traveling with Children - Winter Edition

Traveling with children can be an exciting and wonderful adventure. It can provide your family with many memories that will last a lifetime. Research, planning and a lot of organization can help make the difference between a vacation that needs a vacation to recuperate, or a vacation that was invigorating, adventurous and restful, all at the same time. Keeping in mind, you want your time spent with your family to be healthy and safe for everyone.....

Quality Time vs Quantity Time

In the early nineties I started a 24 hour a day daycare. I cared for poor and middle class children. It was a different socioeconomic group of parents than my previous experience as a Nanny. I had to learn over time how financial freedom and education affected their day to day life with their kids. I did not have experience with children who had just ....

Transporting Daycare Kids

I know there are many types of agreements between parents and providers when it comes to having children in the provider's vehicle. There are parents who want it for their kids and many who pay providers to transport their child to and from school and preschool. Some providers transport their own children to school and have field trips as a major selling point of their business.......

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