Alabama Childcare
State Requirements

 (a) If formula and foods for infants are provided by the center, this shall be planned with the infant's parent(s)/guardian(s) or by the child's
physician with the parent(s)/guardian(s) knowledge and consent.
(b) If the center provides formula for infants, commercially prepared, ready-to-feed formula shall be provided. All formula, bottles,
nipples, and other equipment used in bottle preparation shall be prepared, handled, and stored in a sanitary and sterile manner.
 (c) Meals and snacks provided by the center for infants/toddlers shall comply with infant and child meal and snack patterns.
 (d) If formula is provided by the parent(s)/guardian(s), it shall be labeled with the child's name and stored in the refrigerator. All bottles shall
be sent home or the contents discarded at the end of the day.
 (e) If food for infants/toddlers is provided by the parent(s)/guardian(s), all jars/containers shall be labeled with the child's name. No previously opened jars of baby/toddler food shall be accepted by the center. All opened jars/containers shall be sent home or discarded at the end of the day.
 (f) As a toddler's eating patterns change from those of an infant to those
of a preschool child, the regulations for preschool feeding shall apply.
(g) Small hard candies and nuts shall not be served to children younger than four years of age.
(h) Foods with a shape and consistency that may cause choking shall be
prepared appropriately for the age and ability of the child. The following foods shall be served only under close supervision: peanut butter; popcorn; small pieces of raw vegetables; raisins; seeds; grapes (cut in half); foods with bones, meats (cut in pieces small enough to prevent choking); and hot dogs (cut length-wise, then chopped in small pieces, not cut in circular pieces).
 (2) Service and serving equipment
 (a) The feeding schedule shall be in accordance with each
infant's/toddler's needs rather than according to the hour.
 (b) Each infant shall be held for bottle feeding. No bottles shall be propped. 

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