Alabama Childcare
State Requirements

Licensing Procedures
I hereby agree that if I am issued a license or permit or renewal of a license to operate a day care/nighttime center for children, I will:
 A. Maintain standards prescribed and published by the Department;
 B. Adhere to the provisions of the license or permit issued;
 C. Not furnish or make any misleading or any false statements or reports to the Department;
 D. Submit to the Department any reports or make available to the Department any records required by the Department in making an investigation for licensing purposes;
 E. Submit to investigation by the Department;
F. Admit authorized representatives of the Department at any reasonable time for the purpose of investigation;
 G. Provide, maintain, equip and keep in safe and sanitary condition the premises established or used for child care as required under standards prescribed by the Department, or otherwise required by any law, regulation or ordinance applicable to such facility;
 H. Display the license or permit; and
 I. Maintain financial resources adequate for the satisfactory care of children served in regard to upkeep of premises and provisions for personal care, medical services, clothing, learning experience and other essentials in the proper care, rearing and training of children.
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