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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

Children's Records and Reports

A. A day care group home shall maintain at the facility an individual file for each enrolled child separate from household or personal records. The file shall be made immediately available for inspection by the Department and shall contain the following:

  1. Child's name, address, sex, and date of birth;

  2. Names of the child's parent or guardian, home and work addresses, and telephone numbers,

  3. Name, address, and telephone number of individuals to be notified in the event that the parents or guardian cannot be located A minimum of two emergency contacts shall be available for each enrolled child prior to acceptance to the facility:

4 Name and telephone number of child's primer source of medical care:

  1. Authorization and instructions for emergency medical care of the child when the parent or guardian cannot be contacted;

  2. Written instructions of the parent, guardian, or attending physician for any special dietary needs:

  3. A record completed by the parent, guardian, or physician noting the child's susceptibility to any illness and special needs:

  4. Immunization record or exemption affidavit which includes:

    a. A verifiable record provided by the child's health care provider, parent or guardian which states that the child has received current. Department recommended, age-appropriate immunizations for Haemophilus Influenza Type B (Hib), measles, mumps, rubella diphtheria pertussis, tetanus and polio; or

    b. An affidavit signed by the child's health care provider that the child has a medical condition such that required immunizations would seriously endanger the child's health; or

    c. An affidavit signed by the child's parent or guardian that the child is being raised in a religion which prohibits immunization;

  5. Documentation that the provider has given written notice at least quarterly to the parent or guardian of each child who is 24 months of age or younger of all immunizations for that child which will become due during the upcoming quarter:

  6. Documentation that the provider has given written notice at least annually, to the parent or guardian of each child who is 25 months or older of all immunizations for that child which will become due during the coming year:

11 Ensure that no child continues enrollment at the day care group home for more than 15 days after receiving notification of necessary immunizations until proof of immunizations or exemption from is provided:

  1. Documentation that the child's parent or guardian was notified immediately of an accident or injury to the child which required police, fire, ambulance or other emergency response:

  2. Legal documentation of sole legal guardianship, if the custodial parent or guardian requests that the center not allow the non-custodial parent to interact with the child at the center;

  3. Written permission allowing phone authorizations for release of the child signed by the parent or legal guardian:

  4. If an enrolled child is to be released to any individuals other than the custodial parent or guardian, authorization for such release shall be obtained when the child is enrolled and shall be updated as changes occur;

  5. Name, home and work addresses, and telephone numbers of individuals other than parent or guardian to whom the child may be released; and

  6. Written instructions, if any. From the parent or guardian regarding:

    a. Special dietary needs or formula preparation:

    b. Toilet training:

    c. Needs of special children:

    d. Medications routinely taken b) the child:

    e. If applicable, permission for the child to participate in water activities: and

    f. If the child is of school age, the name and address of the school attended by the child, the hours of attendance, and a plan for how the child is to go to, and return from, school.

B. Records included in each enrolled child's file shall be written legibly and in English, or if written in another language shall contain an English translation, and shall be retained at least three calendar years after the child is no longer enrolled. Duplicate records may be maintained in the file in another language

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