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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

Initial Certification

A. An individual partnership, or corporation shall not operate a day care group home unless certified by the Department.

B. A completed signed and notarized application for certification shall be submitted on forms provided by the Department along with a non-refundable fee, pursuant to A.R.S. § 36-897.01 (C) and (D), and all required attachments. An application submitted on behalf of an individual shall be signed by the individual; an application submitted on behalf of a partnership shall be signed by all partners; an application submitted on behalf of a corporation shall be signed by two officers of the Board of Directors of that corporation. The application shall contain:

  1. For each signatory on the application for certification and for all child care personnel, a completed notarized, work registration card, a completed fingerprint card and a non-refundable fee covering the cost of the fingerprint check:

  2. For corporations current Certification of Corporation status, a list of the corporate Board of Directors with designated officers and current by laws:

  3. A floor plan of the proposed facility containing accurate dimensions:

  4. A site plan with accurate measurements of the facility's surrounding grounds and outdoor activity areas:

  5. Name, address and telephone number of available fire, paramedic, emergency room, poison control and police services and the proximity of such services to the facility:

  6. Address of any location serving alcoholic beverages within 500 feet of the facility:

  7. The addresses of agricultural land within one-fourth mile of the facility:

  8. A notarized statement that the certificate holder has sufficient financial resources to maintain and operate the facility in full compliance with the statutes and rules governing day care group homes:

  9. Written references, as specified in R9-5-801 (B)(13) from persons who are 21 years of age or older and who have personal knowledge of the provider and who will attest to the provider's good character and ability to care for children:

  10. Verification of fingerprint registration with the Department as specified in A.R.S. § 36-897.03, of the applicant, all personnel, and household members who are 18 years of age or older:

  11. Documentation provided by the Department that the provider has attended the Department's orientation program for day care group homes:

  12. Copy of report of violation-free fire inspection conducted by the local fire authority or the State Fire Marshal's office. This inspection shall be conducted within 90 days prior to application for certification.

  13. Copy of report of sanitation inspection on Department approved forms conducted within 90 days prior to application for certification, and

  14. Copy of report of violation-free gas inspection conducted by a licensed plumber or person licensed by the state to conduct inspection and repairs of yes lines and gas-fired heating and cooling devices conducted within 90 days prior to application for certification.

C. If notified by the Department that the application is not complete, the applicant shall supply the requested information within 15 calendar days after receiving such notice. If the applicant fails to provide the requested information within the stated time, the application shall be denied.

D. After an application for initial certification is determined to be complete, the Department shall conduct an inspection of the facility and its grounds to determine compliance with statutes and rules governing day care group homes.

E. The applicant shall sign the inspection report acknowledging the receipt of a copy of the inspection report.

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