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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

Supplemental Program and Equipment Standards for Special Needs Children

A. The provider may enroll special needs children when the following conditions are met prior to the child's attendance:

  1. Documented training or consultation is obtained to enhance the ability of the personnel to meet the individual needs of enrolled special needs children:

  2. Activities and equipment substitutions are available or necessary activity and equipment adaptations are made to meet the requirements of enrolled special needs children:

  3. Modifications are made to the home environment which accommodate the individual needs of special needs children:

  4. The Department may require a higher number of adults to supervise special needs children than is specified in R9-5-803 in order to meet their needs, and

  5. Prior to the child's enrollment, a conference shall be held between the parent or guardian and the provider, to determine and document the needs of the special needs child. When necessary, and with prior written authorization from the parent or guardian, the provider shall also consult with other qualified individuals regarding the care to be provided to the special needs child.

B. Personnel should be familiar with appropriate community resource referral services and shall inform the parent or guardian of them.

C. Special needs children shall be integrated into the daily activities of the day care group home whenever possible within the least restrictive environment that meets the individual needs of special needs children in attendance.

Historical Note

Adopted as an emergency effective July 3, 1989, pursuant to A.R.S. § 41 -1026, valid for only 90 days: Emergency rule readopted effective September 28, 1989, pursuant to A.R.S § 41 -1026, valid for only 90 days (Supp. 89-3). Emergency rule readopted effective December 27, 1989, pursuant to A.R S § 41 -1026, valid for only 90 days (Supp. 89-4). Emergency rule readopted effective April 3, 1990, pursuant to A.R.S. § 41-1026, valid for only 90 days (Supp. 90-2). Emergency expired.
Emergency rule readopted effective July 9, 1990, pursuant to A.R.S. § 41 -1026, valid for only 90 days (Supp. 90-3).
Emergency rule permanently adopted effective October 4, 1990 (Supp. 90-4).

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