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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

Denial of Certification

A. Initial certification to operate a day care group home shall be denied if:

  1. Applicant fails to timely submit a properly completed application including required inspections and documents:

  2. Applicant provides false incomplete or misleading information on the application or during the application process:

  3. The applicant fails to allow the Department to enter the day care group home or to inspect required records:

  4. The applicant fails to fully comply with statutes and rules governing day care group homes or fails to correct within 30 days deficiencies cited during the initial certification inspection:

  5. After the Department has determined that an individual's presence in the facility may be detrimental to children, and after the Department has so notified the applicant that applicant refuses to exclude said individual from the facility during the hours of operation:

  6. Applicant refuses to exclude from the day care group home during hours of operation individuals who have been denied registration pursuant to A.R.S. § 36-897.03:

  7. Applicant has been denied a certificate to operate a day care group home or a license to operate a day care center for the care of children for cause in this state or another state or has had such a certificate or license to operate a day care group home or day care center revoked, suspended, or not renewed:

  8. The Department has determined that the applicant is not of good character conducive to the welfare of children. An applicant who is an individual or who is the officer of a corporation which is the applicant, or is a partner in a partnership will be considered not to have the good character conductive to the welfare of children if

    a. The applicant is awaiting trial on or has been convicted of or has admired committing any of the following criminal offenses in this state or similar offenses in another state or jurisdiction:

    i. Sexual abuse of a minor:

    ii. Incest:

    iii. First-or second-degree murder: iv. Kidnapping:

    v. Arson:

    vi. Sexual assault:

    vii. Sexual exploitation of a minor: viii. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor:

    ix. Commercial sexual exploitation of a minor:

    x. Felony offenses involving distribution of marijuana or dangerous or narcotic drugs:

    xi. Burglars:

    xii. Robber:

    xiii. A dangerous crime against children as defined in A.R.S. ~ 36-897.03 or A.R.S. § 13-604.01;

    xi. Child abuse:

    xv. Sexual conduct with a minor.

    xvi. Molestation of a child;

    b. The applicant is the parent or guardian of a child adjudicated to be a dependent child as defined in A.R.S. § 8-201 (11);

    c. The applicant at the time of the renewal inspection is not in full compliance with the statutes and rules governing day care group homes: or

    d. During the most recent certification period, the applicant repeatedly operated in violation of statutes and rules governing day care group homes.

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