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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers


A. This article does not apply to the care given to children by or in:

  1. The homes of their own parents.

  2. A religious institution conducting a nursery in conjunction with its religious services.

  3. A unit of the public school system.

  4. A regularly organized private school engaged in an educational program which may be attended in substitution for public school pursuant to section 15-802.

  5. Any facility that provides training only in specific subjects, including dancing, drama, music, self-defense or religion.

  6. Any facility that provides only recreational or instructional activity to school age children who may come to and go from that facility at their own volition.

B. If regularly organized private schools exempt under subsection A, paragraph 4 of this section provide child care beyond public school hours or for children who are not regularly enrolled in kindergarten programs or grades one through twelve, that portion of the school providing this care shall be considered a child care group home and is subject to this article.

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