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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

Suspension or Revocation of Certification

Certification may be suspended or revoked for any of the following:

  1. Violation of any statute or rule governing day care group homes:

  2. Failure to comply with child care personnel registration requirements:

  3. Use of personnel for whom proper registration forms have not been submitted or who have been denied registration:

  4. Omission of, or refusal to provide, information or records necessary for the Department to determine compliance with statutes and rules governing day care group homes:

  5. Fraud or deceit in applying for certification or renewal of certification:

  6. Failure to report abuse of a child pursuant to A.R.S. 1 3-3620;

  7. Failure to allow the Department to enter the day care group home, during the hours of operation, to inspect an) record or interview any facility personnel or enrolled children:

  8. The presence in the day care group home during hours of operation of any personnel or household members:

    a. Who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, or whose performance, is affected by the use of drugs or alcohol.

    b. Who have abused any child: or

    c. Who use or have used unacceptable disciplinary methods as defined in R9-5-909 (E).

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