Arkansas Childcare
State Requirements

The following items must be attached to your application:
1. Diagram of the facility/building, which indicates rooms that will be used by children, and locations for hand washing and toileting.
2. Criminal record, child maltreatment, central registry, and FBI record checks on applicant.
3. Copies of fire and health department approvals, if applicable.
4. Child Care Centers Only – Name of proposed director and documentation of their qualifications.
5. Licensed/registered homes only: Name all caregivers with their ages, addresses, and phone numbers, and name all residents of the home.
6. Zoning approval.
7. Arkansas Manufactured Home Commission approval, if applicable.
8. Rates.
“Under the provisions of the Child Care Licensing Act 434 of 1969, amended, I hereby make application for license/registration to operate a child care center/home. I have reviewed the minimum licensing/registration requirements and agree to comply with them.”
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