Arkansas Childcare
State Requirements

102 General Requirements
1. Child Care Centers shall maintain compliance with the licensing requirements at all times. To be in substantial compliance, the Child Care Center shall meet all essential standards necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the children attending the Child Care Center. Essential standards include but are not limited to those relating to issues involving fire, health, safety, nutrition, discipline, staff/child ratio and space. Failure to comply with any of the licensing requirements for Child Care Centers may result in any of the following adverse actions:
a. Denial of an application for a license or for church exempt status
b. Revocation or suspension of a license or church exempt status
c. Issuance of a provisional license or provisional church exempt status
2. The following factors may be considered when determining the appropriate adverse action: 
a. Severity of the deficiency cited
b. Number of violations cited
c. Frequency of violations cited
d. Past history of compliance
e. Willingness/ability to correct violations
3. Each Child Care Center shall be reviewed by the Child Care Licensing unit to determine whether the facility is in compliance with all the Minimum Licensing Requirements for Child Care Centers. Child Care Licensing staff shall have access to Child Care Centers for the purpose of conducting inspections, reviews and complaint investigations. (Clarification: In addition to rooms used for care, Child Care Licensing Staff must also be given access to all other rooms or spaces not used for child care. Any rooms or areas that are not accessible to children in care will only be viewed briefly for major health and safety issues and will not
be routinely monitored for general licensing compliance. This is to help insure that there are no dangers such as fire hazards, which could impact the safety of the entire structure.)
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