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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

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303 - Employee Requirements

All employees in a child care center shall be age l 8 years or older. Prospective employees younger than 18 years shall be under the direct supervision of the director or person in charge and shall be approved on an individual basis by the child care licensing unit.

  1. All employees hired after January l, 1990, to work directly with children shall have a high school diploma or GED or shall be enrolled in a GED curriculum and complete the curriculum within one year of hire.

  1. All employees who work directly with children shall obtain at least 10 hours of in-service training or outside workshop training each year in continuing early Childhood education which IS approved by the Division.

  1. At least one adult member of the staff who is certified in infant and child cardiopulmonary -resuscitation (CPR) shall be present within the physical confines of the child care center while children are in care.

  1. Prior to providing direct child care, staff shall receive an orientation in basic health & safety, facility discipline policies, center schedules, and shall be advised that they are mandated reporters under the Child Maltreatment Reporting Act.

  1. All employees working in a child care center, in any capacity, shall obtain a health card or physician's statement showing the absence of contagious Tuberculosis. This shall be renewed on a yearly basis.

  1. All employees caring for children shall be able to perform job functions.

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