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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

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602 - Child Records


The child care facility shall maintain a record for each child in care which shall contain the following information:

  1. Application form which includes child's name, date of birth and address, name of parent or guardian, telephone numbers (home and business), work hours of parents or guardians, and date of enrollment in facility.

  2. The name, address and telephone number (home and business) of a responsible person to contact in an emergency if the parent or guardian cannot be located promptly;

  3. Name, address and telephone of child's physician or emergency care facility;

  4. Written permission of parent or guardian authorizing emergency medical care and transportation of child for emergency treatment. This authorization shall accompany children anytime they are transported.

  5. Name(s) of persons authorized to pick up child;

  6. Permission slips signed by parent or guardian authorizing the child to be taken on specific field trips;

  7. Roster(s) of children's names of those going on a field trip shall be checked upon boarding for departure, upon boarding for the return trip and upon arriving back at the facility;

  8. Pertinent medical history on the child;

  9. An authorized record of up-to-date immunizations or documentation of a religious or medical exemption from the Arkansas Department of Health (a current immunization schedule is provided as an insert in this publication);

  10. Attendance records on all children;

  11. A record of all accidents or injuries indicating the location, time of day, area or piece of equipment where the incident occurred.

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