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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

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1101 - General


  1. No child or staff shall be admitted who has a contagious or infectious disease. Parents and guardians shall be notified to pick up the child if the child exhibits any of the symptoms listed below:

a. Fever: A body temperature of 101;

b. Diarrhea: three (3) or more watery stools in a 24-hour period;

c. Vomiting: Vomiting on two or more occasions within the past 24-hour period;

d. Rash: Body rashes, not obviously associated with diapering, heat or allergic reactions to medications ; or

e. Sore Throat: if associated with fever or swollen glands in the neck.

  1. Any child who becomes ill and unable to participate in daily activities shall be separated from other children, supervised, and parents shall be called to pick up the child.

  1. Any child who is injured shall have immediate attention. Parents shall be notified of all injuries. Injuries that require the attention of medical personnel shall be reported to the parent immediately.

  1. Parents or guardians of all children shall be notified of contagious illness as soon as possible.

  1. Medication shall be given to children only with signed parental permission which includes date, type, drug name, time and dosage. It shall be in the original container, not have an expired date, and be labeled with the child's name. Staff shall not dispense medications in dosages that exceed the recommendations stated on the medication bottle.

  1. A first aid supply shall be kept out of reach of the children. A first aid kit containing medications shall be locked. This kit shall include the following:

a. Adhesive Band-Aids;

b. Sterile gauze squares;

c. Adhesive tape;

d. Roll of gauze bandages;

e. Antiseptic; and

f. Thermometer.

  1. Medicine shall be kept out of the reach of the children when dispensing and shall be stored in a locked area at all other times.

  1. Smoking is prohibited within the physical confines of the child care center.

  1. Smoking outside the facility shall be limited to a designated area out of the presence of children.

  1. Garbage and soiled diapers shall be kept in closed containers. Garbage and trash shall be removed from the center daily and from the grounds at least once a week.

  1. There shall be no pets or animals allowed that present a health and safety threat.

  1. The following communicable diseases, whether suspected in a child or adult, shall be reported within 24 hours to either the local County Health Unit or the toll free Reporting System (800-482-8888):

a. Gonorrhea;

b. Hepatitis (A, B, Non-A, Non-B, unspecified and results of serologies);

c. Syphilis;

d. Rash illness [including * MEASLES & RUBELLA, * WHOOPING COUGH (pertussis), MENINGITIS and MUMPS];

e. Tuberculosis; and

f. Salmonellas (including typhoid).

Reporting data shall include:

a. Name and location of reporting person;

b. Disease or suspected disease and date of onset;

c. Name, age, sex, address and phone number of patient (please spell patient's name); and

d. Name of patient's physician.

  1. A roster shall be maintained on infants and toddlers who have not completed the minimum immunization requirements and parents notified of the needed immunization(s).

  1. Within 15 days of enrollment of a child, the child care facility shall verify that the child has been immunized as required by the Arkansas Department of Health or the child cannot remain in care (Arkansas Code 20-78-206 as amended by Act 870 of 1997--a current immunization schedule is provided as an insert in this publication).

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