California Childcare
State Requirements

(a) Notwithstanding Section 101216.1, the following shall apply:
(b) Prior to employment, an infant care teacher shall have completed, with passing grades, at least threepostsecondary semesters or equivalent quarter units in early childhood education or childdevelopment, and three postsecondary semester or equivalent quarter units related to the care ofinfants, at an accredited or approved college or university.
(1) After employment, a teacher who has not completed the course work required in (c)(1) belowshall complete, with passing grades, at least two units each semester or quarter until theeducation requirements are met.
(c) To be a fully qualified infant care teacher, a teacher shall have the following:
(1) Completion, with passing grades, of 12 postsecondary semester or equivalent quarter units inearly childhood or child development education at an accredited or approved college oruniversity.
(A) At least three of the units required in (c)(1) above shall be related to the care of infants or shall contain instruction specific to infants.
1. Examples of acceptable course work are pediatric nursing and postnatal care.
(2) At least six months of experience in a licensed infant care center or comparable group child care program for children under five years of age.
(A) Experience shall be verified as having been performed satisfactorily, at least three hours per day for a minimum of 50 days in a six-month period, as a paid or volunteer staff member under the supervision of a person who would qualify as a teacher or director under this chapter.
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