California Childcare
State Requirements

There are two types of Licensed Child Care Facilities
 Family Child Care Homes
 Child Care Centers

Program Types
 Infant Program: Birth to 24 months
 Toddler option: 18  30 months
 Preschool Program: 2 years to entry into 1st grade
 Toddler option: 18  30 months
 School Age Program: Enrolled in kindergarten or above, minimum age:
4 years 9 months
 Mildly Ill Program
Each Program must be physically separate & distinct

Limits & Terms of a License
A license is issued for a specific:
 Age group
 Program Type
 Ambulatory Status
Licenses cannot be transferred
Change of location requires a new license

Sale of Facilities
 Sale of a facility requires a new license
 30 days written notice to parents and Licensing
 Application due within 5 days of offer
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