California Childcare
State Requirements

Title 22, Div 12, Chap 1, Art 3 - Child Care Care Centers

(a) Any adult, partnership, corporation, county, city, public agency or other governmental entity wishing to obtain a license shall fill out and file with the Department an Application Booklet (LIC 281A [12/96]), as well as submit to the Department the documents specified in Section 101169(d) below.
(1) Applicants for licensure of a combination center may file one application.
(A) Licensees requesting the addition of a toddler component to their preschool or infant care program shall submit an amended application consisting of an Application for a Child Day Care Center License (LIC 200A [12/92]); a program description; a sketch of the center showing where the toddler component will be located; a schedule for outdoor activities; and, if necessary, a fire clearance. The toddler program component is considered an extension of the preschool or infant care license.
(2) Each separately licensed component of a single program shall be capable of independently meeting the provisions of applicable regulations as determined by the Department.
(3) The Department has the authority to issue one license to a single program, or to a separately licensed component of a single program, that is located in multiple buildings at a common address.
(b) Prior to filing an LIC 281A (12/96) and the documents specified in Section 101169(d) below, the applicant shall attend an orientation provided by the Department.
(1) The orientation shall cover, but not be limited to, the following areas:
(A) How to complete the application process.
(B) Scope of child care center operation subject to regulation by the Department.
(2) A licensee applying for another child care center license need not attend another orientation within two years of completing a previous orientation.
(3) An applicant applying for more than one child care center license is only required to attend one orientation. 
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