California Childcare
State Requirements

Title 22, Div 12, Chap 1, Art 4-5 - Child Care Care Centers

(1) The following are examples of regulations which if not complied with nearly always result in a
serious deficiency.
(A) Section 101161 relating to limitations on the capacity or ambulatory status of the
children in care.
(B) Section 101170 relating to criminal record clearances.
(C) Section 101171 relating to fire clearances.
(D) Section 101172 relating to water supply.
(E) Section 101223 relating to personal rights.
(F) Section 101224 relating to telephone service.
(G) Section 101226(e) relating to storing and dispensing medications.
(H) Section 101227 relating to food storage, preparation and service.
(I) Section 101238 relating to the safety of children's accommodations.
(J) Section 101239(e)(1), (2), and (3) relating to hot water temperature and toilet facilities.
(K) Section 101239(f) relating to storage and disposal of solid wastes.
(L) Any other regulation the violation of which the Department deems to be a serious
deficiency as defined in Section 101152s.(3).
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