California Childcare
State Requirements

Title 22, Div 12, Chap 1, Art 6 - Child Care Centers

(a) Each licensee or applicant shall furnish to as required by the Department including, but not limited to, the following:
(b) The name of the child care center director, and any fully qualified teacher(s) designated to act in the child care center director's absence, shall be reported to the Department within 10 days of a change of child care center director or designee(s).
(1) Whenever a change in child care center director is reported, in addition to his/her name, the report shall include the following:
(A) Verification of the completion of the course work required in Section 101215.1(h). A photocopy of a college transcript, or a photocopy of a Child Development Site Supervisor Permit or a Child Development Program Director Permit, shall meet this requirement.
(B) Verification of successful completion of high school. A photocopy of a high school diploma or GED shall meet this requirement.
(C) A summary of the experience required in Section 101215.1(h).
(c) The licensee shall notify the Department in writing of his/her intent prior to making any structural changes that reduce the total amount of indoor or outdoor activity space. Such structural changes shall include, but not be limited to, room additions.
(d) Upon the occurrence during the operation of the child care center of any of the events specified in
(d)(1) below, a report shall be made to the Department by telephone or fax within the Department's next working day and during its normal business hours. In addition, a written report containing the information specified in (d)(2) below shall be submitted to the Department within seven days following the occurrence of such event.
(1) Events reported shall include the following:
(A) Death of any child from any cause.
(B) Any injury to any child that requires medical treatment.
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