Colorado Childcare
State Requirements

Licensing Exemptions
A. A license must be obtained before care begins unless such care is exempt as set forth below.
B. A license is not required for:
1. A special school or class in religious instruction. Religious instruction is defined as instruction in religion as a subject of general education, or instruction in the principles of a particular religious faith. Faith- or spiritually-based programs which offer religious instruction combined with early childhood education, child care or child development activities as a part of the daily routine must obtain a child care license.
2. A special school or class operated for a single skill-building purpose. Single skill building includes activities or instruction in one subject area. A single skill program includes the development of an individual skill which does not include naptime periods or overnight care, or any other time children are not engaged in that specific activity. Any time activities other than the identified single skill are provided; the program is no longer considered a single skill program and must obtain the appropriate license. Meals and snacks may be incorporated into the single skill request.
3. A child care center operated in connection with a church, shopping center, or business where children are cared for during short periods of time, not to exceed three hours in any twenty-four (24) hour period of time, while parents or persons in charge of such children, or employees of the church, shopping center, or business whose children are being cared for at such location are attending church services at such location, shopping, patronizing or working on the premises of the business. This facility must be operated on the premises of the church, business, or shopping center. Only children of parents or guardians who are attending a church activity; patronizing the business or shopping center or working at the church, shopping center or business can be cared for in the center.
4. Occasional care of children with or without compensation, which means the offering of child care infrequently and irregularly that has no apparent pattern.
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