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Section .52

The following items must be reported in writing to the Department within 10 days, unless otherwise noted:

A. Serious accidents or injuries occurring at the facility that result in medical treatment by a health care professional, hospitalization, or death (within 24 hours of incident).

B. Any legal action against a facility, agency, owner, operator, or governing body that relates to or may impact the care or placement of children.

C. Change of director of facility or agency.

D. Proposed change in the number, sex, or age of children for whom the facility is licensed that differs from that authorized by the license.

E. Change of address of child placement agency.

F. Changes in the physical facility or use of rooms for child care at a facility.

G. Closure of the facility or agency.

H. Change of name of the facility or agency.

I. Change of residents in the facility, not to include those residents placed in the facility by a county department or a child placement agency.

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