Colorado Childcare
State Requirements

STAFF - (paid or volunteer):
Attach copies of the following:
a. List name, date of birth, position, work schedule, date of employment for each employee, including substitutes (use enclosed staff work schedule form.) 
b. Important: Background Check Fingerprint Cards (To be returned to the Legal Department @ the Department of Public Health, Legal Office, 410 Capital Avenue. MS#12 LEG, P. O. Box 340308, Hartford, CT 06134-0308.) 
c. Head Teacher: (Use enclosed required experience form.) Supply evidence of required supervised experience and education or attach a copy of Head Teacher Approval. 
d. Written organizational chart that establishes the line of authority and responsibility in all matters relating to the management and maintenance of the center or group home and care of children. Attach copy of the organizational chart.
e. Copies of staff certificates from approved first aid courses and approved CPR course.
a. Early Childhood/School Age Education Consultant
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