Colorado Childcare
State Requirements

(a) The operator of the child day care center or group day care home shall be responsible for compliance with the requirements of sections 19a-79-1a to section 19a-79-9a, inclusive, and section 19a-79-13 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies and applicable endorsements in sections 19a-79-10 to section 19a-79-12, inclusive, in such a manner as to ensure the safety, health and development of the children while in the operator's care.
(b) The operator shall be responsible for the overall management and operation of the child day care center or group day care home in accordance with applicable state and local laws and regulations and shall:
(1) provide and maintain a safely equipped physical plant,
(2) provide programs and services to meet the needs of the children,
(3) employ staff and substitute staff in accordance with section 19a-79-4a of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies,
(4) submit for the commissioner's approval the required qualifications and experience of the head teacher on the forms provided,
(5) develop and implement a written organizational chart that establishes a clear line of authority,
(6) define in writing and ensure the performance of the duties and responsibilities of all staff classifications 
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