Colorado Childcare
State Requirements

Qualifications of the applicant and provider
(a) Awareness of Regulations. The applicant and provider shall have a copy of the regulations at the facility and shall have read and understood the family day care
standards set forth in these regulations.
(b) Health. The applicant and provider shall be physically, emotionally and mentally able to handle child care responsibilities and emergencies and shall be free from any mental, emotional or physical health problems which might impair such ability or otherwise adversely affect the day care children. In order to enable the Commissioner to determine that the provider meets these requirements, the following shall be provided upon request:
(1) Medical Statements. The applicant shall furnish, at the time of initial application, a medical statement signed by a physician, physician assistant or advanced
practice registered nurse based on an examination conducted within the past twelve (12) months, documenting the presence of any known medical or emotional illness or disorder that would currently pose a risk to children in care or would currently interfere with effective functioning as a provider. Thereafter, the provider shall submit a medical statement, described above, every two (2) years and at any other time requested by the Commissioner.
(2) Tuberculosis. The applicant shall furnish a negative skin test for tuberculosis or, for a known reactor, evidence of no active tuberculosis on a chest x-ray, based on a test or x-ray given during the past twelve (12) months, and thereafter upon the request of the Commissioner.
(3) Medical Records. The applicant and provider shall supply to the Commissioner on request any medical records regarding his/her physical, emotional or mental
health. The applicant and provider shall execute a release authorizing access to his/her medical records upon request of the Commissioner when the Commissioner deems the applicant or provider's medical history may reveal a risk to children in care.
(4) Medications At the Commissioner's request the applicant and provider shall furnish information and/or shall supply or authorize the release of medical records regarding any ongoing medications being used by the applicant or provider.
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