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Licensing Standards for Family DayCare

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68. The Caregiver shall give the parent of each child enrolled in the Family Child Care Home a copy of "Licensing Information for Parents" as furnished by the Department. The Caregiver shall have written verification that each parent has received a copy.

69. The Caregiver shall have written verification that each parent of an enrolled child has received a copy of:

A. Procedures related to the release of children;

B. Policy and procedures on discipline and guidance of children; and

C. Policy on health and prevention of communicable diseases, injuries and child abuse/ neglect.

70. The Caregiver shall release children only to persons authorized by the parent(s) who has placed the child(ren) in care.

71. The Caregiver shall have and use written policy and procedures for the release of children including:

A. Procedures for emergency release of children;

B. Procedures regarding the release of the child to any person not known to the Caregiver;

C. Procedures for handling situations in which a noncustodial parent attempts to claim the child without the consent of the custodial parent; and

D. Procedures to be followed when a person not authorized to receive a child, or a person who is intoxicated or otherwise incapable of bringing the child home safely, requests release of a child.

72. Parents shall have free access to areas of the home used for child care while their children are in care.

73. The Caregiver shall have a regular system of communication with parents concerning:

A. The child's daily activities and routines;

B. The child's developmental progress and concerns about the child's development and behavior; and

C. Accidents, injuries, illnesses, and other critical incidents.

74. The Caregiver shall report any suspected or alleged incident of child abuse and neglect to the Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting Number and shall cooperate fully in the investigation of any incident. The Toll-free number is 1-800-292-9582.

75. The Caregiver shall report by telephone to the Department within one (1) working day:

A. Any accident, injury or illness occurring while a child is in care and resulting in in-patient or out-patient hospital treatment or death; or

B. A fire which requires the services of the fire department.

C. The verbal report shall be followed by a written report on a form provided by the Department.

76. The Caregiver shall report to the Department within five (5) days:

A. Any change in telephone number; or

B. Change in composition of household.

77. The Caregiver shall report to the Department any change in address thirty (30) days in advance of the move.


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