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Licensing Standards for Family DayCare

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Substitute Caregiver

80. The Caregiver shall have an arrangement with a substitute caregiver, at least eighteen (18) years of age, available to assist in emergency situations. The name, address and telephone number of the substitute person/persons shall be provided to the Department and shall be posted with other emergency numbers in the Family Child Care Home.

81. The Caregiver shall ensure the substitute is oriented to the licensing requirements and the policies and procedures of the Family Child Care Home.

82. In non-emergency situations, the Caregiver's arrangement with a substitute caregiver may be used for the following purposes:

A. Vacations which last for no more than two (2) weeks, with care provided within the Caregiver's home;

B. Weekly, for things such as doctor's appointments, shopping, banking, school appointments, and classes;

C. Maternity leave, if the Caregiver is in the home; or

D. Medical leave, for situations such as surgery, and recovery from an injury.

83. Caregiver must inform the parents in advance that a substitute will be caring for their children at these times.

84. In situations when the substitute shall be providing care for more than two (2) weeks the Office of Child Care Licensing shall be notified.

85. The Caregiver or substitute caregiver shall be responsible for the direct supervision of children in care at all times.


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