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Licensing Standards for Family DayCare

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94. The physical facilities of the home and grounds shall present no hazard to the health and safety of the children.

A. Parents shall be informed about the presence of smokers in the home. Smoking shall not be permitted when the Caregiver is in direct physical contact with children.

B. Parents shall be informed of the presence of pets in the household.

95. The Family Child Care Home and its furnishings shall be kept in a clean and safe condition. All walls, floors, ceilings and other surfaces shall be clean and in good repair.

96. The Family Child Care Home shall be kept free from rodent and insect infestation.

97. Screens in good repair shall be used on all windows, doors or other openings to the outside used for ventilation.

98. The Family Child Care Home shall be kept heated at a temperature of at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

99. Furnaces, water heaters, heating appliances, pipes, fans and other similar devices shall be kept in a safe condition and inaccessible to children.

A. Use of portable, open-flame, and kerosene space heaters is prohibited.

B. Hot water pipes, steam radiators, electric space heaters, and wood-burning stoves shall be equipped with protective guards or insulated to protect children against burns.

C. Electric space heaters shall be UL-approved, inaccessible to children, and stable.

D. Fireplaces shall be securely screened or equipped with protective guards while in use.

100. Protective receptacle covers shall be placed in all electrical outlets not in use and accessible to the children.

101. The Family Child Care Home shall have a working telephone. If a telephone is forbidden by religious beliefs, a telephone must be available within a short walking distance. Telephone numbers of the nearest hospital, ambulance, police department, fire department and poison control center shall be posted on or by each telephone.

102. An operable flashlight shall be accessible at all times.

103. Clear glass doors shall be clearly marked at a child's eye level.

104. Stairways, inside and outside, over four steps shall have railings. Safety gates approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) at stairways shall be used at all times when infants and toddlers are in care.

A. If the physical characteristics of the Caregiver's home do not permit the installation of a safety gate(s) in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, then the Caregiver shall implement a plan which will safely prevent the access of infants and toddlers to stairways.

105. Animals or household pets shall be permitted provided that there is proof of rabies and other current required vaccinations for each animal. Animals shall be free from disease and shall be cared for in a safe and sanitary manner.


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