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Licensing Standards for Family DayCare

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Diapering and Toileting

116. The Caregiver shall ensure the diaper-changing area is:

A. Separate from food preparation and serving areas;

B. Easily accessible to a handwashing sink;

C. Non-absorbent and washable; and

D. Disinfected between use for different children or protected by a disposable covering discarded after each use.

117. The Caregiver shall:

A. Use cloth diapers or disposable diapers;

B. Place non-disposable soiled diapers and training pants without rinsing into a separate leakproof plastic bag, labeled with the child's name, before transporting to a laundry or returning to the child's parent;

C. Place soiled disposable diapers into a cleanable, covered container with a leakproof liner;

D. Remove all soiled diapers from the home daily or more often unless the Caregiver uses a commercial diaper service;

E. Use disposable towels, disposable wipes or clean, reusable towels laundered between use for different children for cleaning the child; and

F. Immediately wash her/his hands and the hands of the child after diapering or helping the child with toileting.

118. The Caregiver shall:

A. Use toilet training chairs only in an area separate from food preparation areas;

B. Locate toilet training chairs in an area which ensures children's privacy and adequate supervision;

C. Consult with the child's parent regarding initiating toilet training;

D. Locate toilet training equipment on washable, non-absorbent surfaces when in use; and

E. Disinfect toilet learning equipment after each use.

119. The Caregiver shall take reasonable measures to reduce the spread of communicable disease among children in the Family Child Care Home by:

A. Using only washable toys with diapered child(ren);

B. Washing washable toys on a regular basis;

C. Cleaning stuffed toys that are provided by the Family Child Care Home;

D. Washing toys mouthed by one child before they are used by another child; and

E. Washing pacifiers and other items placed in the mouth if dropped to the floor or ground.


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