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Licensing Standards for Family DayCare

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Fire and General Safety

122. Stairways, hallways and exits from rooms and from the home shall be unobstructed. Approved, easily opened protective gates and other safety devices for the protection of infants and toddlers are permitted.

123. Every room used for child care shall have at least two exits, at least one of which shall be a door or stairway providing unblocked travel to the outside of the home at street or ground level. No room or space shall be used for child care which is accessible only by ladder, folding stairs, or through a trap door.

124. Children shall be cared for in ground level space in the Family Child Care Home.

A. Basement level space may be used by children in care only if there is at a door that exits directly to the outside at ground level and at least one window which is easily openable, is no more than 44" inches above the floor, and has an opening 20" wide and 24" high, or there are two (2) doors, one of which exits directly to the outside at ground level.

125. Each door used as an exit shall not be less than 32 inches wide.

126. Every closet door latch shall be designed so that children can open the door from inside the closet.

127. Every bathroom door lock shall be designed to permit the opening of the locked door from the outside in an emergency and the opening device shall be readily available to the Caregiver.

128. An operable smoke detector which is approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory shall be installed on or 6 to 12 inches below the ceiling of each level of the home and the basement.

A. All enclosed sleeping areas, such as a bedroom, must have a properly installed smoke detector.

B. Smoke detectors shall be tested monthly, and the batteries replaced at least yearly.

129. Prior to licensure, an applicant must have an electrical inspection, conducted by an approved inspection agency, of the dwelling. Thereafter, an electrical inspection of the Family Child Care Home shall be conducted every five (5) years.

130. At a minimum, a portable dry chemical fire extinguisher rated 1A 10 BC, shall be provided in the kitchen. The extinguisher shall be used and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

131. Written fire evacuation procedures shall be established and practiced at least monthly from all exit locations at varied times of the day and during varied activities including nap time.

132. All flammable and hazardous materials, including matches and lighters, medicines, drugs, cleaning materials, detergents, aerosol cans, plastic bags, firearms, ammunition, and other similar materials and objects shall be stored safely in areas inaccessible to children.

A. Firearms and ammunition, if present in the home, shall be kept in a locked container or locked closet. Ammunition shall be kept separate from firearms.


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