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Licensing Standards for Family DayCare

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133. A variety and sufficient supply of play equipment and materials shall be provided that is appropriate to the ages, developmental needs and individual interests of the children.

134. All equipment shall be sturdy, safe, clean and free from rough edges, sharp corners, pinch and crush points, splinters and exposed bolts. Large outdoor equipment shall be anchored firmly and shall not be located on concrete or asphalt surfaces.

135. Each child shall have clean, age-appropriate and comfortable equipment for sleep or rest. Children shall not share bedding. Each child under twelve months of age and/or not walking, shall sleep in a crib, playpen or bed with side rails and firm mattress of washable, non-absorbent material. Mattresses shall fit tightly to prevent children's body parts from becoming wedged between mattress and crib or bed slats.

136. Each child in care between the hours of 8:00 P. M. and 6:00 A. M. shall have an individual bed equipped with comfortable springs, and mattress, covered with sheets, pillow, pillowcase and blankets.

137. Cribs, porta-cribs, cots, sleeping bags, mats, or pads shall be placed at least three (3) feet apart, unless separated by screens.

138. Crib and playpen slats shall be no more than 2-3/8 inches apart.

139. High chairs, when used, shall have a wide base and a T-shaped safety strap.

140. Infant walkers shall be used only under the Caregiver's direct visual supervision. Infants shall not be placed in walkers for extended periods of time.

141. All children shall be directly supervised at all times while children are wading or swimming. During any swimming activity involving infants and/or toddlers, the children shall be within arm's length of the caregiver.

A. Permanent or built-in type swimming pools and wading pools that are left filled when not in use, shall be inaccessible to children when not being used by the children. The water in swimming pools used by children in care shall be treated, cleaned and maintained in accordance with health practices and regulations as determined by the Division of Public Health.

B. Small portable or non-fixed wading pools shall be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use.

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