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Licensing Standards for Family DayCare

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142. The Caregiver shall provide varied activities designed to promote the development of language and thinking skills, large and small muscles, social skills, self-esteem and positive self-image, as appropriate to the ages and functioning levels of children in care.

143. The daily routine shall include regular times for all of the following:

A. Indoor and outdoor time periods with:

i. alternating active and quiet activities,

ii. opportunity for individual and group activities,

iii. opportunities for children to choose materials freely,

iv. activities that can be done independently and activities that require adult supervision,

v. outdoor time each day;

B. Rest or sleep; and

C. Meals and snacks.

144. Children shall have periods of outside play each day.

A. In the case of prolonged periods of inclement weather, the Caregiver shall provide alternative indoor space for active physical play.

145. The Caregiver shall ensure that each child receives individual attention and physical comfort during routine caregiving and planned activities.

146. Children, including infants and toddlers, shall be talked with individually throughout the day. The Caregiver shall initiate conversations with children and shall respond positively to children's communications.

147. The majority of every infant's waking hours shall be spent out of cribs and playpens in a safe place where he/she may move and explore freely. An infant, when awake, may remain in a crib or playpen as long as the child is content but never for periods longer than one (1) hour.

148. Children shall be offered choices of activities and shall be encouraged to be independent in self-care and in assisting with household tasks in a manner consistent with their age and developmental level.

149. Television and videotape viewing shall be limited to no more than two (2) hours of age-appropriate programs during the hours children are in care.

A. Adult programming shall not be viewed by children.

150. School-age children shall be provided with supervised activities appropriate to their age and interests, including opportunities for:

A. Vigorous outdoor play;

B. Time to read or do homework;

C. Free play alone or with others; and

D. Creative and problem-solving activities.

151. Children are not permitted off the premises without the caregiver. An exception is made for children having written parental permission to be off the premises with a person other than the caregiver.

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