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Licensing Standards for Family DayCare

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170. Upon initial application, the Caregiver shall provide written evidence of a health appraisals attesting to the health of the Caregiver(s), and the health of other adults who are regularly present in the home when children are in care. This includes other adults living in the home and substitute caregivers as described in Requirements 79. Copies of these health appraisals shall be kept on file in the Family Child Care Home and shall be updated to be consistent with household composition and whenever new substitutes are added. For children under six (6) years living in the home and helpers Requirement 154 shall be met.

A. The health appraisal shall include, at a minimum:

i. Health history;

ii. Physical exam;

iii. Vision and hearing screening;

iv. Tuberculosis (Tb) screening;

v. A review of immunization status (measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, and polio);

vi. A review of occupational health concerns;

vii. Assessment of need for vaccines against influenza, pneumococcus, and hepatitis B, and of risk from exposure to common childhood infections, such as parvovirus, CMV, and chicken pox; and

viii. Assessment of health related limitations or communicable diseases that may impair the Caregiver's ability to perform the job.

B. After initial Family Child Care Licensure, adults shall be required to provide written evidence of follow-up for known medical problems or as required by the Office of Child Care Licensing.

171. For each adult as noted in Requirement 164, there shall be written evidence of freedom from active infections of tuberculosis verified within one year prior to initial application, with further testing required at intervals recommended by the Division of Public Health.

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