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Licensing Standards for Family DayCare

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175. The Caregiver shall maintain an individual record for each child enrolled with the following information:

A. The child's full name, address, telephone number, birth date, and date of enrollment;

B. Health appraisal reports;

C. Written consent signed by parent(s) regarding medications, or special dietary needs;

D. Written authorization signed by parent for emergency medical treatment;

E. Written permission signed by parent(s) for all transportation, trips and swimming activities provided by the Caregiver; and

F. Copies of reports of accidents, injuries or illnesses involving a child.

176. The Caregiver shall keep accessible at all times emergency contact information for each child in care. This information shall be provided upon enrollment and updated at least annually or upon changes in the information. This information shall include:

A. Home and work addresses and telephone numbers of parents;

B. Name, address and telephone number of emergency contact person;

C. Name, address and telephone number of the child's physician or other health care provider;

D. Health insurance coverage and policy number for child;

E. A statement of any special problems or needs of the child including allergies, existing illnesses or injuries, previous serious illnesses or injuries and any medication prescribed for long-term, continuous use;

F. Name of person(s) designated by parent(s) to whom the child may be released; and

G. Emergency contact information must accompany the child to all off-site excursions.

177. The Caregiver shall not disclose or permit the use of any information pertaining to an individual child or family unless the parent(s) of the child has granted written permission to do so, except in the course of performance of official duties and to employees or representatives of the Department.

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