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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

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  1. A Center shall have an identifiable governing body with responsibility for and authority over the operation of the Center.

A. A privately-owned Center shall have documents identifying the name(s) and address(es) of owner(s).
B. A corporation, partnership or association shall have documents identifying all members of the governing body; their addresses; their terms of membership, if applicable; officers of the governing body, if applicable and terms of office of all officers, if applicable.
C. A Center shall have a procedure for informing all parent(s) of children attending the Center of the identities of governing body members.

  1. The governing body of a Center shall appoint a person to serve as the Chief Administrator of the Center to assure the day-to-day management responsibility for the Center.

  1. The governing body of a Center shall ensure that the Center complies with all applicable local, State and Federal laws and regulations.

  1. A Center shall report by telephone to the Department within twenty-four (24) hours any of the following circumstances:

A. Any fire which requires the services of a fire department, or other disaster at the Center;
B. Any accident, injury or illness occurring while a child is in care at the Center which results in death or inpatient or outpatient hospitalization. The verbal report shall be followed by a written report on a form provided by the Department;
C. Unanticipated temporary or permanent closing;
D. Suspected abuse or neglect of a child while on the premises;
E. Any known convictions of Chief Administrator, Director or staff members as specified in requirement 73B.

  1. A Center shall post its current license in a prominent place accessible to the view of parents and visitors.

  1. A Center shall have an organized system of business and management and sufficient staff, space and equipment to fulfill the following functions:

A. Administrative functions;
B. Fiscal functions;
C. Clerical functions;
D. Cleaning and maintenance functions;
E. Food services functions;
F. Direct child care functions;
G. Supervisory functions.


  1. A Center shall carry insurance covering fire and liability as protection for children in care.

  1. A Center shall ensure that any vehicle authorized for use in transporting children in care by any of the Center's staff on the Center's business shall have insurance which covers liability.


  1. A Center shall maintain files and records applicable to licensing.

  1. A Center shall keep daily attendance records for children, staff and volunteers identifying the hours of children's attendance and exact hours worked by staff and volunteers each day.

  1. A Center shall have an on-site file for each child including:

A. The child's name, home address and home telephone number;
B. Emergency telephone numbers for parent(s) and other designated person while the child is in care;
C. Name and telephone number of the child's physician;
D. Identifying information for all persons authorized to pick the child up from the Center;
E. Date of admission;
F. The hours a child is scheduled to attend the Center;
G. A statement of any special problems or needs of the child including allergies, existing illnesses or injuries, previous serious illnesses or injuries and any medication prescribed for long-term, continuous use;
H. Written authorization from parent(s) for emergency medical care;
I. Transportation permission, if appropriate;
J. Health information as required by Requirement 200;
K. Injury and illness record including copies of reports submitted to the Department as required by Requirement 60B and copies of reports required by Requirement 220.

  1. A Center shall have a procedure to ensure that all emergency telephone numbers supplied by parents are continuously updated.


  1. A Center shall have a personnel file for each employee and volunteer included in staff/child ratio as specified in Requirement 97. The personnel file shall include:

A. Name, date of birth, home address and telephone number;
B. Date of employment;
C. Initial application form;
D. Reference letters or telephone notes on character references;
E. Record of attendance at training sessions;
F. Documents attesting to qualifications and education;
G. Written records of required medical examinations and tuberculosis screening;
H. A statement signed by the employee or volunteer stating the employee's status relative to conviction, current indictment or involvement in any criminal activity involving violence against a person, child abuse or neglect; possession, sale or distribution of illegal drugs; sexual misconduct; gross irresponsibility or disregard for the safety of others; or serious violations of accepted standards of honesty or ethical behavior;
I. Date of termination.

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