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Licensing Standards for DayCare Centers

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  1. Day Care Centers provide care, protection, supervision and guidance for twelve (l2) or more children, including preschool children who are related to the operator. Service is provided on a regular basis for periods of less than twenty-four (24) hours per day, unattended by parent or guardian, and for compensation. The following facilities which operate for less than twenty-four (24) hours per day are not included in the definition of day care center:

A. Summer camps licensed by the Division of Public Health, or summer schools or classes for religious instruction conducted by churches during summer months known as Vacation Bible Schools, for periods not to exceed four (4) weeks during a twelve(l2) month period.

B. Child care facilities established in connection with a religious institution, a business, or recreation center, in which children are provided care for brief periods of time, while parents are on the premises.

C. Any public or private school that provides regular and thorough instruction through at least the sixth (6th) grade in the subjects prescribed for the schools of the State, in a manner suitable to children of the same age and stage of advancement, and that reports to the State Board of Education pursuant to 14 Del. C., Chapter 27, 2704. This exclusion shall include all programs operated by such schools and shall also include preschool education programs for handicapped persons as defined by 14 Del. C., Chapter 31, 3101 (4).

D. Preschool, kindergarten and school age programs operated independently for no more than four (4) hours per day and such preschool or kindergarten programs which operate two (2) schedules of no more than four (4) hours each with each session admitting different children.

  1. The requirements are divided into five (5) parts:
* Part I - General Provisions
* Part II - Drop-in Care
* Part III - Night Care
* Part IV - School-age Care
* Part V - Specialized Day Care

  1. To be licensed as a Day Care Center, the General Provisions of Part I must be met. In addition, Day Care Centers must meet the following requirements before providing the following services:

A. To provide Drop-in Care, a Day Care Center must also meet Part II requirements.
B. To provide Night Care, a Day Care Center must also meet Part III requirements.
C. To provide School-age Care, a Day Care Center must also meet Part IV requirements.
D. To provide Specialized Day Care, a Day Care Center must also meet Part V requirements.

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