Florida Childcare
State Requirements

 General Supervision Requirements
 A. Personnel must position themselves in the outdoor play area so that all children can be observed and directly supervised.
 B. Child care personnel must be assigned to provide direct supervision to a specific group of children and be with that group of children at all times. Children must never be left inside or outside the facility, in a vehicle, or at a field trip location by themselves.
 C. Supervision standards apply at all times away from the child care facility, including during field trips, outdoor play, and when picking up or dropping off children at designated locations, such as bus stops, school, or a childís home. For school-age children, personnel must know where the children are and what they are doing at all times and capable of responding to emergencies including when children are separated from their group.
 D. At all times, lighting must allow child care personnel to see and supervise children while in care.
 E. A program is responsible for the supervision of a child until an authorized individual retrieves the child from the program. A child shall not be released to any person other than the person(s) authorized or in the manner authorized in writing by the custodial parent or legal guardians. All individuals authorized to pick up a child must be identified in writing prior to release by the custodial parent or legal guardian to the program, and the program must verify the individual picking up the child is authorized by using a picture form of identification. Each child transported must be dropped at the designated location as agreed upon by the provider and the custodial parent/legal guardian and released to an authorized individual.
 F. No person can be an operator, owner, or employee of a child care facility while using or under the influence of narcotics, alcohol, or other drugs that impair a personís ability to provide safe care and supervision.
 G. In addition to the number of staff required to meet the staff-to-child ratio, one additional adult must attend field trips away from the child care facility to help provide direct supervision. The individual could be a parent volunteer as long as that person is under direct and constant supervision of a screened and trained staff member.
 H. Children must receive supervision and care in accordance with their age and required needs, and be accounted for at all times while bathing or toileting.
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