Florida Childcare
State Requirements

402.313 Family Daycare Homes
 (1) Family day care homes shall be licensed under this act if they are presently being licensed under an existing county licensing ordinance or if the board of county commissioners passes a resolution that family day care homes be licensed.
 (a) If not subject to license, family day care homes shall register annually with the department, providing the following information:
 1. The name and address of the home.
 2. The name of the operator.
 3. The number of children served.
 4. Proof of a written plan to provide at least one other competent adult to be available to substitute for the operator in an emergency. This plan shall include the name, address, and telephone number of the designated substitute.
 5. Proof of screening and background checks.
 6. Proof of successful completion of the 30-hour training course, as evidenced by passage of a competency examination, which shall include:
 a. State and local rules and regulations that govern child care.
 b. Health, safety, and nutrition.
 c. Identifying and reporting child abuse and neglect.
 d. Child development, including typical and atypical language development; and cognitive, motor, social, and self-help skills development.
 e. Observation of developmental behaviors, including using a checklist or other similar observation tools and techniques to determine a child’s developmental level.
 f. Specialized areas, including early literacy and language development of children from birth to 5 years of age, as determined by the department, for owner-operators of family day care homes.
 7. Proof that immunization records are kept current.
 8. Proof of completion of the required continuing education units or clock hours.
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