Florida Childcare
State Requirements

 Staffing Requirement Rules (Class Violation Level)
 1. Operator
 2 The operator worked outside of the home during the operating hours of the family day care home.
 1 The operator, in whose name the license was issued, was no longer a resident at the address on the license.
 3 The family home failed to include their license number when advertising.
 3 The provider failed to maintain written documentation for the number of hours a substitute worked in the home.

 2. Written Plan for Substitute rule
 3 The operator had no written plan to provide at least one substitute, at least 18 years old, to be available on a temporary/emergency basis.
 3 The operator's written plan for a substitute included an individual who was not at least 18 years old.
 3 The operator's substitute plan did not include required information about the designated substitute.
 2 The substitute left in charge of the children in care was younger than 18 years of age.
 3 The substitute worked over 40 hours per months on average over a six monthperiod in a single family day care home.
 3 The operator failed to report changes to the written substitute plan within 5 working days.

 3. Background Screening Requirements
 F.S. & rule
 1 The record for an individual indicated the person had been found guilty of an offense noted in Section 435.04, Florida Statute, which disqualifies the person 
 2 The Local Criminal Background Check was not on file.
 2 A FDLE record check for family day care home members and substitutes was missing and not on file.
 2 A FDLE/FBI clearance letter was not on file. 
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