Florida Childcare
State Requirements

 Instructions: All information on this application must be truthful and correct. Complete this application in its entirety, as appropriate. Not all sections apply. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please contact the licensing agency if there are any questions relating to this application.

 *FOR LICENSE RENEWALS ONLY: Renewal of this license is contingent upon the payment of any fines previously imposed as a sanction against this license that was not contested, or that was affirmed at an administrative hearing. If, at the time of this license renewal application, there is a pending administrative hearing resulting from a proposed fine, it shall not affect the renewal of this license. 

 Pursuant to section 402.3054, F.S., child enrichment service providers shall be of good moral character based upon screening, using level 2 standards in Chapter 435, F.S. If this facility utilizes a child enrichment service provider, it is the responsibility of the director to ensure that the child enrichment service provider is screened accordingly and parents/guardians provide written consent before a child may participate in activities conducted by the child enrichment service provider.

 The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that personally identifiable health information must be protected from disclosure and maintained in a manner to prevent inadvertent disclosure to the public and to otherwise assure the privacy of such information. Your signature on this application indicates that you agree to comply with the requirements of HIPAA by protecting the confidentiality of employee and children’s health records in your possession.
 Falsification of application information is grounds for denial or revocation of the license to operate a child care facility. 

 Your signature on this application indicates your understanding and compliance with this law. I hereby attest that the information contained in this application is truthful and correct under penalty of perjury. This application may be withdrawn at any time the applicant so desires. 
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