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  1. Charging on Holidays
  2. Daycare is Charging Me for Hours He's in Preschool?
  3. Biting @ Daycare
  4. Question About Teachers Alone with Children
  5. Visitors at Home Daycare?
  6. Abusive Care Giver...?
  7. Fitness Clubs
  8. Daycare Center Visitation Rights
  9. Appropriate Age Groups In Daycare Centers
  10. Family Daycare with Swimming Pool
  11. Operating an Unlicensed Daycare
  12. Mixed Ratios
  13. Religion Within the Daycare
  14. Concerns About Daycare Owner
  15. What Are The Signs Of An Infants Sexual Abuse?
  16. Santa in Daycare
  17. How Long Are Children Allowed To Play Outside In Cold Weather?
  18. Formula Mixing Policies
  19. Onerous Contracts
  20. Facility Cleanliness
  21. Terminating Contract
  22. Am I Overreacting
  23. Being Over Protective?
  24. How Many Kids Per Provider?
  25. Reporting A Day Care In California
  26. Question of Payment
  27. waiver of participation
  28. Kicking Child Out of Daycare
  29. Payments for Sickness
  30. Mother Needeing Advice
  31. Daycare Provider/Child Ratios In Maine, USA
  32. Drinking Milk in NJ
  33. Removing Children from childcare
  34. Should Run A Background Check?
  35. Hi Everyone
  36. Finding a Daycare in Missouri
  37. School Age Children in DayCare
  38. Should I Choose This Family Care For My Baby Girl?
  39. San Diego Military Dad w/ Ques re: Cost.
  40. Complaints Filed - How Do I Find Out?
  41. "No Outside Food" Policy in Texas
  42. Home Daycare
  43. $100/wk for Infant? Taxes? Please Help
  44. 18 Month Old Is Crying All Day In Daycare
  45. Deposit
  46. Bruises on Our Child's Legs
  47. Not Napping at daycare
  48. Unlicensed Daycare Operator is on State Disability
  49. Thank Your Or Goodbye Note
  50. Looking for Day Care Provider Fay Tat
  51. Checking Day Care License
  52. Square ft Ratio
  53. Payment When Provider Is Out Sick
  54. Would like info from TX
  55. For Parents Of Children In Home Daycares
  56. Just Wondering
  57. South Carolina questions
  58. Parents not paying on time
  59. Sanitary Issues
  60. Scheduling Outside Play Between 10Am-4PM in Houston SUN
  61. Holiday Pay to Employees
  62. Many Babies One Bowl One Spoon
  63. Sick Daycare
  64. Daycare Director Does Nothing
  65. Early Intervention Services
  66. Providers are always updating their daycare requirements
  67. regulations
  68. blankets and pacifiers
  69. Daycare Provider Paid Time Off
  70. Newborn Stimulation
  71. Can They Kick a Child Out for Warts on Their Finger?
  72. Where to Look For Local Daycare?
  73. pest control
  74. Lunch time!
  75. Why Do Daycare Centers Not Have 2nd Shift?
  76. Why are good home daycares so hard to find?
  77. Is it good to put your child in a daycare when he/she is attach to you.
  78. How to obtain results on background etc.
  79. Seeking daycare! No luck! Aaaahhhhgg
  80. Problems at Facility in Ledgewood, NJ
  81. Video at Daycare--Secured Login Access for Parents
  82. I'm a Nanny
  83. diapering
  84. ratio
  85. Help
  86. Free Preschool Printables
  87. Eating Pea Gravel
  88. How Many Children Can You Have in Your Home Before You are a Day Care?
  89. Playing Outside In Cold Weather
  90. 22 month old hysterical about going to daycare
  91. Kindercare and Lack of Security
  92. Frustrated
  93. Ready to run
  94. Bleach Solution In Pre-School
  95. Spot Holding - Downpayment?
  96. Looking for Daycares in Freehold NJ - Any experience???
  97. Just wondering
  98. Should I Report This Daycare?
  99. Live-out Nanny Doing HER OWN Laundry at our house
  100. Child left unattended
  101. Secretly Recording Your Daycare Provider
  102. Gratuity for day care provider at Christmas
  103. Bleach Around Children
  104. Daycares should have secure doors?
  105. Daycare sold/children &employees Files
  106. Mental Abuse
  107. Flees and Dogs in Home Daycare
  108. Getting Started
  109. New Daycare Center in Brooklyn, NY
  110. Worker Posted My Child's Picture on Her MySpace
  111. nutrion and safety
  112. AR Licensing Standards
  113. Do I Have To Pay Full Tuition If Child Is Out Sick?
  114. New York daycare time vs parents work time
  115. Playing Doctor
  116. Confidentiality
  117. Reporting a Daycare in Wheaton Il.
  118. Beware of this Daycare
  119. How do I know if my child needs braces?
  120. Child Endangerment???
  121. How many kids to on adult
  122. Not Allowed to Breastfeed at Daycare
  123. Horrible Daycare Director - What Can I Do?
  124. 19-1/2 month old being held back
  125. Why Do You stay?
  126. punishment with food
  127. Sibling Discounts
  128. daycare in tn
  129. A Local Resource I could Sell Daycare Items On?
  130. Determining If A Daycare Is Providing Quality Care??
  131. Louise Sattler, owner of SIGNINGFAMILIES.com
  132. :mad:Bad day care experience
  133. Question for Parents
  134. First Time Mom Daycare Jitters
  135. Let Kids Be Kids....
  136. Daycare Supply List
  137. Breach Of Confidentiality??
  138. Looking for INHOME Daycare Bucks Co PA
  139. Bad Apple Daycare
  140. Some *FANTASTIC* Reccomendations
  141. My 3 yo is hitting at DC
  142. Daycare in Frankfort, KY?
  143. Do I report???
  144. Lice in Texas day care
  145. Gift Ideas?
  146. Dating the daycare provider?
  147. Soiled Underwear in Day Care Centers
  148. After School Care?
  149. 3-Month-Old Crying Nonstop In Daycare
  150. Free the Parents
  151. Liquor bottles at home daycare
  152. What do I do if I suspect things that shouldn't be going on at DC
  153. Nice thing a parent did
  154. Home Daycare in Ohio
  155. New York Laws
  156. Napping 4mo old in CA daycare - Rules as far as them being watched while napping?
  157. Reported by DC
  158. Never Bring Your Child to I Can Be Me Preschool in Somerworth NH
  159. Fund Raisers
  160. Biting
  161. Toddler Confined to a Chair
  162. Daycare Rules Listed in My Handbook
  163. Unlicensed Provider Claiming to Take Me to Court
  164. Our township is reluctant to enforce the daycare laws
  165. Is it Healthy for Children to Attend 2 Different Daycare?
  166. Daycare Took My Money and Won't Give Back Deposit
  167. Toilet Trained to Move into the 3 Year Old Room?
  168. Can I Report & to Whom if I Can?
  169. How Often do Parents Change Service Providers?
  170. Toy and Book Swaps in Daycares
  171. Private School Daycare - Do They Following State Standards?
  172. Can Someone Recommend a Good Familycare in Montgomery County in Maryland?
  173. Night Time Child Care Center
  174. Daycare Worker Dropped My Baby...
  175. Is it Legal to Charge for Full Year When Leaving a Program with Notice?
  176. Daycare Withheld Health Related Information
  177. Safety Question - Alarms, Pin Codes at Entrances
  178. Proper Attire for Children at Day Care
  179. Michigan Laws for Outdoor Play at Daycares
  180. Provider Unsure About Our 3-Year-Old
  181. What Do You Think - Abusive Care?
  182. Sleep Mat and Bedding
  183. Home Daycare Assistant Minimum Age - and Supervision?
  184. Child Not Sleeping
  185. Paying Full Tuition When the Daycare Closes for a Snow Day...Is This Fair?
  186. VERY Concerned and PO-ed Parent!
  187. Child Dev. Hammond, in Neglect
  188. Question About My Son
  189. Child Tracking GPS Device for Kids
  190. GA Law's on Contacting Parents When Children are Sick
  191. Another Child Touched My Son at Daycare
  192. New to Daycare - Always in the Swing
  193. Can Anyone Recommend a Good Child Care in Morristown, TN?
  194. Ever Take Another Child's Parents to Small Claims Court?
  195. Three Month Old Just Started Daycare and is Sleeping Mos of the Day - Is this Normal?
  196. Comparing State Ratios
  197. Babies 6 Weeks of Age?
  198. Do You Have Children Aged 2 to 5 Years? I Need Your Help
  199. For Parents of Children with Autism and Related Disabilities
  200. Need a Daycare Soon!
  201. No Refund....Upset Parent...Help Plz
  202. Daycare w/ Autism Training Needed in Brooklyn Park, MN
  203. Food Issues in Daycare
  204. Frustrated with Provider - Sick Days and TV
  205. Should I be Concerned?
  206. Are Monitors for Napping Required?
  207. Very Affordable Childcare
  208. Finding at home childcare?
  209. Would it Seem Weird.....
  210. Signing In and Out of Daycare Question
  211. Complain About Daycare Issues
  212. Is Twice a Week at Daycare Better Than One Day a Week?
  213. Child Attending Multiple Daycares
  214. Upset
  215. Daycare Rules
  216. Anyone a Member of a Parents Advisory Board?
  217. Would Like Daycare Worker Opinion Please
  218. Payment Question
  219. Help - Daycare Took dd Swimming After I said NO
  220. Personal Visitor at Daycare
  221. Fire Alarm System Not Functioning @ Daycare
  222. Anyone Heard of Kideo Video Productions?
  223. Infant Sleep Standards @ Daycare
  224. Violence at Daycare
  225. Most Important Aspects to Consider for Picking Childcare Provider?
  226. Car Seat Alarm
  227. How Can I Get Over My Fears?
  228. Why is DCFS Licensing Daycares?
  229. Am I Over Reacting?
  230. Sick Children
  231. Recommend Daycare in Hamilton, NJ
  232. What Do Parents Look For in a Daycare?
  233. Would You Pay for Pre-school Computer Classes?
  234. Strange Pick Ups
  235. Safety Question
  236. Do I Have to Pay for Their Mistake
  237. Numbers
  238. Building Available For Daycare Center
  239. Do You Expect Your DCP to Listen to You?
  240. Disgusted in Owatonna MN!!
  241. Is A Separate Room For Napping Required By Law?
  242. Know Your State's Rules
  243. A Few Questions for Providers
  244. Double-Paying For Days w/ No Refunds
  245. What Do About Unprofessional Daycare Director And Teachers?
  246. Daycare Canceled With No Notice
  247. Concerned Over Water Fountain & Bathroom..
  248. Non-Immunized Children In Day Care Facilities
  249. One Of Those Days
  250. Charged For Services 18 Months After Left Daycare Center
  251. Can daycares Tell Anyone That Family Was Terminated?
  252. Having a CPR Certification Card and Has Never Had a Class On It
  253. Daycare Provider Purchased Pit Bull Mix
  254. Owner Keeping Secrets
  255. My Son Broke His Wrist At Daycare
  256. Refund
  257. Kidsongs Coupon Code
  258. Daycare Not Being Run Properly
  259. Day Schools vs Home Day Cares
  260. хостинг Домен
  261. Provider Left My Child With Someone I Don't Know
  262. Parents, Would You Be Upset?
  263. No Naps (just a rent)
  264. Concern About Our Director
  265. My Child Was Hurt By His Day Care Teacher
  266. Any Parents Out There With A Variable Schedule?
  267. Daycare No Longer Providing Morning Snack
  268. Uneasy About Daycare Provider
  269. How Do You Feel About The Quality Of Breakfast, Lunch And Snacks At School?
  270. Divorcing Parents/Restraining Orders
  271. Potty Training What Is My Sons Poop Supposed To Look Like
  272. Daycare Terminated My Child Then Wanted To Charge Me For Not Going Back
  273. Homeschooling Mom In Need Of Daycare
  274. Concerned For 17 Month Olds Welfare
  275. No Outdoor Time at All? Really?
  276. When Your Own Child Is Sick.....
  277. wrong numbers
  278. Assistant
  279. First Child Coming Soon...Home Daycare Question
  280. Bumps And Bruises
  281. Would This Upset You?
  282. How Much Comfort Does A Newbie Toddler Need
  283. Can A Group Daycare In WI Keep Child Inside As Punishment?
  284. Are There General Laws On Who Daycare Can Release A Child To?
  285. Providers & Alcohol
  286. Changing Policy With No Advance Notice
  287. Just Curious...
  288. 2 Weeks Notice is actually 3??
  289. Provider's Spouse
  290. Provider's PAID Vacation?
  291. Made To Clean Own Vomit (4yr. Old)
  292. Crying At Day Care/Adjusting To Daycare
  293. Want Your Opinions (Parents And Providers)
  294. In-Home Vs Centers
  295. Home Daycare Provider--New Gal
  296. Very Bossy Three Year Old
  297. "School" Supplies
  298. Homemade Baby Food...Positive or Negative?
  299. Registration Fee, What Are They For?
  300. Bully at Daycare. Please help
  301. Licensing Question
  302. Unfair Licensing Visit- Need Advise Pls
  303. Feel Bad About Dumping New Daycare--Advice, Please!
  304. Child Safety
  305. Terminate For Asking Too Many Questions
  306. Nannyde Has a New Article - Nature at itís Finest
  307. Neglect?
  308. Question About Daycare Providers Days Off
  309. Fired For Reporting Abuse To Director
  310. Putting Baby To Sleep
  311. Your Childs Weight/BMI on their Report Cards?
  312. Unstable Environment
  313. Daycare Provider Leaving The Home On Personal Business
  314. 4 Year Old Not Wanting To Go To Daycare All Of A Sudden
  315. Mowing Lawn?
  316. Mowing Lawn?
  317. Health Tests Required for Day Care Providers
  318. Baby’s First Day At Daycare - What To Expect?
  319. Daycare Provider High On Marijuana
  320. How do I Ask This and if it Unreasonable
  321. Outdoor Play-Dangerous?
  322. WWYD If This Happened To Your Kids
  323. Child Removed From Daycare After Injury
  324. Kids That Interrupt All The Time
  325. Daycare Problems With My Folks. NEED YOUR HELP!
  326. Potty Training: What Is Fair To Expect Them To Do?
  327. WWYD In The Case Of These Circumstances?
  328. Daycare Termination Question
  329. How Long Is To Long
  330. Ringworm - Mistreated
  331. Curriculum? A Few Home Daycare Questions
  332. Preschool Car Time
  333. Pennsylvania Licensing
  334. Columbia Studying How Children Who Are Unique
  335. Infant with Mixed Age Groups..OK???
  336. Breakfast Time Limit??
  337. Am I Being Fair In Pay?
  338. Pest Control & Cleaning Service
  339. Help- Advice Please! (LONG msg)
  340. Nothing More Annoying.....
  341. What Do Parents Expect From a Home Daycare
  342. Looking For Advice Please!!
  343. 16 Month Old Girl That CHOKES, GRABS FACE and YANKS HAIR!!! HELP!!
  344. Teacher In Need Of Advice
  345. Law Is Backwards...
  346. This Forum Turns Me Off Of Daycare...
  347. Laws For Cleaning And Napping
  348. Parents: Some Questions For You
  349. Required to Pay??
  350. Step Parenting
  351. So - I am Rethinking Wardrobe Choices lol
  352. Day Care NY State
  353. Should I Report This To Someone?
  354. Ben And Jerrys Ice Cream
  355. Play Time Required In SC?
  356. New Scholarship for Single Parents
  357. Contract with Illegal Business
  358. 2 Year Old Advice Please!!
  359. Need Help With Talking To A Parent....
  360. Age Appropriate - Mixing Ages
  361. Holiday Toys of 2011
  362. 2 Week Notice
  363. Late Fee
  364. Need Help Please :(
  365. Holiday Charges
  366. Advice Needed: Daughter the Target of Bad Behavior
  367. Accidents at School
  368. "Daycare Lady" Wasn't Home When I Picked My Baby Up
  369. Would it be Awful to Take Away Snack Times
  370. Air Sanitizer in Daycare Facility
  371. Am I Being Too Overprotective?
  372. 8 Year Old Possibly Passing Kidney Stone
  373. Holiday Gifts to Providers
  374. Do You Allow Your Kids To Wrestle-Type Play?
  375. Everything About This Case Breaks My Heart
  376. Play Date - Am I Overreacting?
  377. Nap!
  378. Feeling Discriminated Against! I Need Help :(
  379. Mental Health And Daycare Providers
  380. What To Do For My DCP?
  381. Potty Training Tips?
  382. My 2 Year Old Hits And Scratches..Any Advice?
  383. Child Abuse at Daycare
  384. Daycare Advice
  385. Question
  386. Not Sure Where To Turn...!
  387. Decided to keep my baby in dc
  388. Pet Bird In Home Daycare?
  389. Age Appropriate Help
  390. Child Is Driving Me Crazy VENT
  391. Infant Got Hurt
  392. Poop
  393. Parents Night Out
  394. Infant Room Question
  395. Doing Time: What It Really Means To Grow Up In Daycare
  396. My Son Doesn't Like His Dad
  397. Can My Child Be Expelled From Day Care, Because I Filed A Complaint!
  398. Had to laugh.....
  399. Silly.....But It Kinda Erks Me
  400. Parents: Your Opinions Please
  401. DHannus
  402. Dear Parents... From Your Loving Provider. (Logged Out For Privacy)
  403. Need Advice For My 8 Year Old
  404. Daycares and Time Off With Pay
  405. New Childcare
  406. Non-religious daycare
  407. My 40 Year Old Brother In Law Pulled My 4 Yr Olds Son Pants Down Jokingly I Was Told
  408. Picking Up Kids From The Day Care
  409. Aggrating Child : /
  410. Should I Report? What Would Happen?
  411. Looking For Great Care
  412. Need Advice On How To Deal With Daycare Issue
  413. Closings....
  414. Switching Daycares?
  415. Am I Being Too Critical?
  416. Creating a New Healthy Food Product for Children
  417. Our Daycare Wants To Split Up Our Child From His Best Friend
  418. When Your Vacation Time Changes
  419. Xwife and My Daughter
  420. Complain Against A Teacher In Daycare
  421. Regular Turnover at Daycare
  422. I Want to Pay My Babysitter, but She will Will N/Contact Me...
  423. My 4 Year Old Says He Was Touched Inappropriately Vacation
  424. A Few Things That Are Bothering Me...
  425. 4 Year Old Defiance In PreK, What Is Normal And What Is Not?
  426. Ideas For Helping 10-Month Old With Mornings In Daycare
  427. 2 Year Old Outside Alone
  428. Ipods and Ipads
  429. Boba vs. Ergo
  430. Switching From Formula To Milk-Need Help With Feeding Schedule At Daycare
  431. iPhone for a 4 Year Old?
  432. Expectations from a Child Care Center
  433. Problems With Daycare Parents
  434. I Have A Few Problems And Need A Providers Point Of View
  435. Where Do You Look For Daycare?
  436. High Maintenance DCM How To Approach?
  437. Viable Causes for Termination?
  438. 2 Hour Naps @ Daycare?
  439. Need advice please - re: daycare switch?
  440. Daycare Policy
  441. Refund
  442. Park Play And Being Overprotective
  443. Is Pay Required At Termination If A Safety Citation Was Served?
  444. Laws
  445. Cancellation Of Contract-Problems
  446. In Need Of Advice On Testy Toddler...Ugh!
  447. Switching From A Church Daycare To Home Daycare
  448. Need Advice
  449. Is This Grounds To File A Complain
  450. DD Not Sleeping At Daycare
  451. Why Was A Daycare Shut Down?
  452. New Baby Start Date
  453. Not Looking Forward To Working Today
  454. 2.5 Hour Naptime? Advice, Please!!
  455. Not DC related
  456. Not Comforting Child
  457. I Need A Form For Prescription Medication...
  458. Sharing Information
  459. End Of The Day Routine
  460. Halloween Party
  461. Update On Us
  462. Just Shoot Me
  463. Should I Have Called The Police?
  464. Parents Speeding On Way To Daycare
  465. What To Do
  466. Provider Does Not Allow Make Up Days
  467. Leaving Early/Prorating Rates
  468. Are There Special Child Care Centers That Can Be Used Only When You Child Is Sick?
  469. So Frustrated...Eating Issues
  470. For Soccermom
  471. Discount
  472. I HATE Text Messages
  473. Prorating Daily Rate
  474. Military FCC or State Homs Question
  475. Daycare Food Program
  476. Just Turned 3 Cleaning Up Urine?
  477. Christmas Presents
  478. Is It Too Much to Ask
  479. Infant Room
  480. DC Provider Slapped My 5 Year Old In The Face...
  481. Halloween Treats
  482. Just Shot Myself In The Foot, For Not Doing A Contract
  483. pictures
  484. Therapy
  485. Natural Disaster in NJ
  486. Another Boy Touching My Son In Preschool
  487. Parent Assaulted By Daycare Owner
  488. Questions to ask at conference time?
  489. AAHHHH Such An Irritating Monday!!!
  490. Advice
  491. Am I Being Unreasonable
  492. Parent Gifts
  493. Teacher's Child
  494. Fool Me Once Shame On You, Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me
  495. How Do You Feel About Pullups?
  496. Paid Vacations days during Provider Unpaid Vacation
  497. Baby books
  498. Should I Lower My Rates??
  499. Fever Question
  500. How Long To Give Baby To Get Back On Schedule?
  501. New Handbook/Policies... Charge Existing Clients For Deposit?
  502. Urgent....Need help with research project!!!!
  503. Child Comment At Drop Off....Arghh
  504. Not A Good Way To Start Week
  505. Tricky Situation With Client That Just Termed
  506. Can a Daycare Employee Bring My Kid Home?
  507. Diaper Changing Procedures
  508. Should I Take DCM Up On The Offer Of Allowing Her DD To Remain Until I Replace Her?
  509. So Tired Of The Mouth
  510. Would You Go Out?
  511. What Can I Do?
  512. Limiting Toys
  513. In Home vs Center!?!?
  514. 24 Hour Child Care
  515. Toys For Long Travel..
  516. What Extra Services Would You Benefit Me In Finding Clients
  517. Summer Schedule Letter
  518. Different People Watching My Baby Each Day?
  519. Open Your Own Child Care In So California!
  520. Just Perfect
  521. How Much Violence Is Normal?
  522. Main Questions In An Interview With a Daycare Provider
  523. Daycare Withholding Information
  524. 21 Month Old Being Strapped In At Preschool
  525. Saving Time In Morning! Do You Dress Your Kid At Night For His Daycare?
  526. Where can I find affordable and reliable child care services in Los Angeles?
  527. Common Behavioral Problems In Toddlers And Young Children You Need To Know
  528. Demanding Payment Not Owed...
  529. Need a Second Opinion
  530. Three And Half And They Don't Read!
  531. Daycare Keeps AC Off Till Almost Time For Parents
  532. Would It Be Wrong To Slap A DCM?
  533. A Conversation Is Coming With My Provider
  534. Paying For Absent Child And Provider Cancels Contract And Keeps Money???
  535. Development of the Children
  536. Sign Language
  537. Michigan Providers
  538. Question About Daycare Bill Please Help
  539. Half-day Preschool?? HELP!
  540. Bad Monday
  541. Overnight Newborn Care
  542. What Happens After You File A Complaint?
  543. Only a Week In and Payment Issues...Ugh!
  544. Advice On DCP Issues
  545. Temination Due To Transportation W/Out Permission
  546. How To Improve Vocabulary??
  547. 2 1/2 Year Old Kick Out Of Daycare
  548. Fast Real Food Not Fast Food
  549. Making A Parent Pay For "Damage"
  550. OFFICIALLY Sent to Collections..!
  551. 4 Month Old, Crying All Day
  552. Trying To Afford Daycare Expenses
  553. Need Help - To Withdraw My Child From Daycare
  554. B-C Daycare Inc
  555. Gum
  556. I've Got A "Taddle Taler"!!!
  557. Twins Kicked Out Of Daycare
  558. Weather
  559. Potty Training At Daycare
  560. My 2 Year Old Needs Glasses!
  561. Disciplining Children Violently
  562. What's This??
  563. Infant Hardly Napping At DC
  564. Day Care Not Refunding Money
  565. So Tired Of Parents
  566. Birthday Party Ideas For 8 Yr Old Daughter ?
  567. Problem With A 3yr Old Bully
  568. Always at "Max"
  569. Not Allowing Parents To Walk Children In
  570. Best Age For Entering Daycare?
  571. DC Going to The Grocery Store
  572. Early Drop Off Question
  573. Would You Do Daycare Pictures?
  574. For Those With State Pays
  575. Vacation Pay If Contract Terminated Early
  576. What Is A Normal Attention Span For A Toddler?
  577. 1st Day New Baby
  578. Parent Commenting On Their Sick Child
  579. Question for parents!?
  580. Home Daycare Provider Asks For Us To Call Before Dropping Off And Picking Up
  581. Daughter Babysitting
  582. How Many Kids Is Too Many
  583. Does Anyone Have Any Experience With Tourette's Syndrome or Tics?
  584. "It Never Happens With Me"
  585. Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables
  586. Should I Say Something?
  587. Homeschooling - German Police Storm Home, Take Children By Force
  588. No Contract and Withdrawing my Children from Unsafe Care
  589. 4 Year Old Wants Diapers New Baby In Home
  590. Not Allowed To See Video Footage In Daycare?
  591. 5 Month Old Breastfeeding
  592. Asking Provider to Install A Baby Gate...
  593. Found Baby In Swing With Propped Up Bottle
  594. Is Reporting Her Reasonable?
  595. Should I Complain or Wait Till Last Day?
  596. Some Reasurance
  597. Breastfeeding In Childcare Resource
  598. Nakedness!
  599. Question For In-Home Providers Regarding Hitting & Pushing
  600. Mil Rant
  601. Issue In Licensing Inspection- Look Elsewhere?
  602. Provider Claims To Not Have Received Notice Letter
  603. Lunch at Daycare...
  604. Crying At Drop Off
  605. Abnormal Behavior Of Daycare Owner
  607. License Inquiries
  608. Daycare Providers Wish Parents Knew These 12 Things
  609. Sorry
  610. Christmas Gift/Bonus?
  611. Christmas Craft Tile
  612. How Much Notice ...
  613. Skipping Classes In Daycare
  614. Christmas Gift for Provider
  615. Co-sleeping, Cuddling, Stroller or Carseat Sleeping..
  616. Putting 2 Year Old In Big Boy Bed
  617. Healthy Snacks
  618. Milk Problems at Daycare
  619. Hey Mom and Dad, 4 yr olds Talk
  620. Daycare Provider Faked Sick & Got Caught - How To Report Her?
  621. Can DC Refuse To Give Service With A Short Notice?
  622. Creepy When.....
  623. Hfmd
  624. New Purchase
  625. Scabies
  626. Scabies
  627. Question For In-Home Providers- Advice Needed
  628. A 15 Month Old And A Bottle
  629. help!
  630. Changing Daycares
  631. Seriously Need a Vacation
  632. Kids Refusing To Do For Themselves
  633. I Don't Think This Is Normal?
  634. Not DC Related- Kid Anxiety
  635. Two Weeks Notice
  636. Need Advice: Long Wait For Daycare Spot
  637. Child Talking to Dead Person
  638. DCP Long Term Quit One Day Notice, But For The Best I Found Out
  639. What Is The Standard For Home Daycare Closing?
  640. Rights Within Public Day Care
  641. Filing a complaint
  642. So My Daycare Is Closing. :(
  643. Screaming Child at Pickup
  644. What Would You Do? Handling A Complaint w/Day Care Teacher
  645. Father's Day Crafts
  646. Did I Do The Right Thing?
  647. Introduce your daycare
  648. DIY Food Squeeze Pouches
  649. Twins and Daycare
  650. How Does Your Daycare Communicate With You?
  651. Field Trips and Permission Slips
  652. Can The Daycare Force Me To Pay For Slot Before We Need It?
  653. Air Conditioner Water
  654. Another kid always sick
  655. What To Do When Your Child Is Being Bitten On A Near Daily Basis?
  656. To the Daycare.com Forum....
  657. Age vs Playtime Outside
  658. USDA Food Program
  659. Looking for Day Care References in Ramsey, NJ
  660. Incidents At Daycare - Recommendations Near Bothell, WA
  661. Potty Training
  662. Demanding Infant
  663. Refund Due To Unsafe Practices?
  664. Daycare Not Opening Issue
  665. Christmas Gifting To Providers
  666. Holidays and Summer Break
  667. 8 month old nap troubles -- are we going to get kicked out?
  668. Inconsolable Infant - Only at Daycare
  669. Teasing and Terminate the Contract?
  670. Paying to Hold a Spot
  671. Escalating Aggression
  672. Help, Am I Being To Critical About My Daughters New Center?
  673. Curious...
  674. Potty training
  675. Co-op policy
  676. Inappropriate Daycare Behavior
  677. Provider with poor English?
  678. Parents & Potty Training
  679. Am I Just Being A Picky Mom?!
  680. Too Many Caregivers?
  681. Is it safe to breastfeed when your sick
  682. $150/Week Up Scaled Daycare Center?
  683. Illegal Daycare, Two Week Notice, and Other Chaos
  684. Two Weeks Notice
  685. Half a Pop-Tart for Breakfast?
  686. A Question - Most of You Feel Parents Are a Pain in the Backside
  687. What's More Important - Education or Comfort?
  688. Babysitting whos house?
  689. Leaving a Care Provider I Love
  690. Do I Respond? Did I Over-React?
  691. 6 Year Old Transitioning
  692. :! Provider Terminated The Contract And Charged Me After I Called Licensing
  693. Switched From Home DCP to a Center
  694. Daycare Centers Leaving Children Inside
  695. Confused and disappointed
  696. Disclosure
  697. DCP Only Open For Two Months, Already Closing?
  698. Injury that Requires Medical Attention
  699. Opinions Wanted!!
  700. Withdraw my child and paying full tuition the rest of the year?
  701. Naptime Troubles! Please Help!
  702. Private Day Home Notice and Car Seats
  703. Breaching Contract Due To Safety Concerns
  704. Too young to walk holding a rope?
  705. Not Enough Teachers-- How can I take action?
  706. Should I get a refund?
  707. royally screwed.
  708. Food at Daycare Poll
  709. Kicked From Daycare
  710. Biting...Only One Child
  711. Is Pick-Up Time An Issue?
  712. May I Make Your Monday?
  713. Spanking at Daycare
  714. Feeding a Breastfed Baby
  715. Paid Vacation Time After Terminating Contact
  716. Drop Off Advice (2 Kids)
  717. I Want to Open a Daycare Center - Help!
  718. Is It Frowned Upon?
  719. Need Major Nap Help!!!
  720. rates and policy changes
  721. Daycare Provider Expects 6 Months of Payments to Leave
  722. Is Potential DCP Not Interested?
  723. Looking For Home Day Care In La Habra, CA
  724. New Daycare Mom Needs Advice!!!
  725. Concerned About My Child's Daycare
  726. Unsanitary Family
  727. Opinions: Is This Normal for One-Year-Old Classroom
  728. Which Daycare Would You Choose?
  729. And Now, It Happened to Me
  730. Children Separated by Pay Type
  731. Unpaid Vacation
  732. Rude Daycare Teacher
  733. Kids Not Getting Along
  734. Daycare Will Not Allow Early Pick Up - California
  735. Provider Presents
  736. Advice On Choosing Home Daycare
  737. Making A Better Offer for My Daycare Provider
  738. Provider Being Shady
  739. The Daycare Bus
  740. First Day of Kindergarten, Am I Overreacting?
  741. Strange Daycare Admissions Policies
  742. Dealing with Daycare Change; Change Again??
  743. 2 Daycare - Mother Lives Over an Hour Away
  744. Daycare Left My Child On the Bus
  745. Weekly and Monthly Payments
  746. Daughter Being "Held Back" in Classroom
  747. Teaching 3 Month Old to Fall Asleep On Her Own
  748. Medications
  749. Milk Allergry
  750. Allergies - Can Day Cares Refuse Care?
  751. Son thrown out of PreK - Disruptive Behavior (Never Communicated)
  752. Wwyd?
  753. My Daycare Center
  754. Daycare For Child With Behavior Issues
  755. Survey for Parents of Young Children
  756. Should I Take Any Action?
  757. Survey for Parents with Young Children and Window Blinds
  758. Daycare Name - Help Needed!!
  759. Unreasonable/Misnamed Holding Fees
  760. Daycare Provider Refutes Pediatrician EVERY TIME
  761. My Provider Terminated Me With No Notice But I Paid In Advance. Do I Get A Refund?
  762. When To Worry About Daycare
  763. Nanny Share
  764. 3 Year Old Napping Challenge
  765. Clearly Pink Eye?
  766. I Don't Know Where To Start....Day Care Woes
  767. A Bad Influence, My Kid's "Girlfriend"
  768. Daycare Injury
  769. Searching For A New Daycare Center
  770. Daycare Fees
  771. Improving Child Care with Technology (Survey)
  772. Mulch In My Daughter's Diaper. Should I Get Concerned?
  773. Used Babysitter Via Babysitting Service And Kids Got Hurt
  774. Contract And Neglect
  775. Infant Throwing Up and Cleaning
  776. Filled spot without notice
  777. How Do I Confirm If My Toddler Son Is Being Sexually Abused In Daycare
  778. License to Change Diaper in Summer Camp
  779. Two-Week Notice
  780. Pre-Paid Unattended 2 Weeks Notice
  781. I Am In Quest Of Adoptive Parent(s)
  782. Hurricane Irma
  783. Holding Fee for Spot No Longer Available?
  784. Illegal Daycare Charging
  785. The Home Care Provider Has A New Man Living With Her Now...
  786. Contract Question
  787. Substitute Not Approved by Licensing
  788. Getting A Newborn "Daycare Ready"
  789. Trust With Overnight Care
  790. What is a Normal/Minor Injury at Daycare?
  791. Single Mother Desperately Seeking Adoptive Parents
  792. Daycare Provider - Extended Illness
  793. Kindergartner Left at School
  794. Child Being Beaten Up
  795. Licensing Reports
  796. What To Do? - Shut Down Without A Prior Notice
  797. A Foreign Teacher Has Been Mistreating My Son
  798. Pacifier Drama
  799. Name-Calling in Preschool/ Daycare
  800. Daycare Has Not Provided Policies
  801. Sticky Situation
  802. Leaving Dayhome 30 Days Notice
  803. Outdoor Play
  804. Contract Question
  805. Garage As an Extra Day Care Room Need Advice..
  806. Daycare Is Being Investigated, Isn't Honest About Situations, What to Do?
  807. Not Exactly Daycare but Semi Similar
  808. Advice to Make Sure We’re Protected
  809. 3 Month Old Wants to Be Held All the Time
  810. Where Do Providers Get Medical Insurance?
  811. 22 Months Suddenly Crying All Day at Daycare
  812. Nursemaid's Elbow/Video of Incident
  813. Religious Facility Going Too Far?
  814. Daughter Given Pacifier Behind Parents Back
  815. Separation Anxiety? When to Pull the Plug
  816. The Joshua Tree Early Learning Center
  817. Kicked Out of Daycare After Complaint Filed
  818. What is a Cloth Book?
  819. Pipe Burst in Daycare
  820. Daycare Toilet Causing Contact Dermatitis
  821. Switching Centers - Second Guessing Decision
  822. As a Daycare Teacher, Did I Do Something Wrong?
  823. Is My 12 Month Old Ready for Daycare?
  824. Coronavirus Private Daycare/Preschool Closure
  825. Daycare Didn't Return Deposit and Now Threatening Us
  826. Daycare and Pre-school Difficulties
  827. Child’s Safety at Risk! Help!!
  828. How to Show Appreciation?
  829. Grandparents Enrolling Grandchildren in Daycare
  830. Breach of Contract?
  831. Contract Question
  832. Registration Fee
  833. Summer Camp
  834. Infant Biting in Daycare - Lying. Opinions
  835. Tips to Help My Baby Sleep