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  1. Charging on Holidays
  2. Daycare is Charging Me for Hours He's in Preschool?
  3. Biting @ Daycare
  4. question about teachers alone with children
  5. Visitors at Home Daycare?
  6. Abusive Care Giver...?
  7. Fitness Clubs
  8. Daycare Center Visitation Rights
  9. Appropriate Age Groups In Daycare Centers
  10. Family Daycare with Swimming Pool
  11. Operating an Unlicensed Daycare
  12. mixed ratios
  13. Religion Within the Daycare
  14. Concerns about Daycare owner
  15. What Are The Signs Of An Infants Sexual Abuse?
  16. Santa in Daycare
  17. How Long Are Children Allowed To Play Outside In Cold Weather?
  18. Formula mixing policies
  19. Onerous Contracts
  20. Facility Cleanliness
  21. Terminating contract
  22. am I overreacting
  23. Being Over Protective?
  24. How many kids per provider?
  25. Reporting A Day Care In California
  26. Question of Payment
  27. waiver of participation
  28. Kicking Child Out of Daycare
  29. Payments for sickness
  30. Mother Needeing Advice
  31. Daycare provider/Child ratios in Maine, USA
  32. Drinking Milk in NJ
  33. Removing Children from childcare
  34. Should Run A Background Check?
  35. Hi Everyone
  36. Finding a daycare in Missouri
  37. School Age Children in DayCare
  38. Should I choose this family care for my baby girl?
  39. San Diego Military dad w/ ques re: cost.
  40. Complaints Filed - How Do I Find Out?
  41. "No outside food" policy in Texas
  42. Home day care
  43. $100/wk for infant? Taxes? Please help
  44. 18 month old is crying all day in daycare
  45. Deposit
  46. Bruises on our child's legs
  47. Not Napping at daycare
  48. Unlicensed Daycare Operator is on State Disability
  49. Thank Your Or Goodbye Note
  50. Looking for Day care provider Fay Tat
  51. Checking Day Care License
  52. square ft ratio
  53. Payment When Provider Is Out Sick
  54. Would like info from TX
  55. For Parents Of Children In Home Daycares
  56. Just Wondering
  57. South Carolina questions
  58. Parents not paying on time
  59. sanitary issues
  60. Scheduling Outside play between 10Am-4PM in Houston SUN
  61. Holiday Pay to employees
  62. Many babies one bowl one spoon
  63. sick daycare
  64. Daycare Director Does Nothing
  65. Early Intervention Services
  66. Providers are always updating their daycare requirements
  67. regulations
  68. blankets and pacifiers
  69. Daycare Provider Paid Time Off
  70. newborn stimulation
  71. Can they kick a child out for warts on thier finger?
  72. Where to look for local daycares?
  73. pest control
  74. Lunch time!
  75. Why Do Daycare Centers Not Have 2nd Shift?
  76. Why are good home daycares so hard to find?
  77. Is it good to put your child in a daycare when he/she is attach to you.
  78. How to obtain results on background etc.
  79. Seeking daycare! No luck! Aaaahhhhgg
  80. Problems at Facility in Ledgewood, NJ
  81. Video at Daycare--Secured Login Access for Parents
  82. I'm a nanny
  83. diapering
  84. ratio
  85. Help
  86. Free Preschool Printables
  87. Eating Pea Gravel
  88. How Many Children Can You Have in Your Home Before You are a Day Care?
  89. Playing Outside In Cold Weather
  90. 22 month old hysterical about going to daycare
  91. Kindercare and Lack of Security
  92. Frustrated
  93. Ready to run
  94. Bleach Solution In Pre-School
  95. Spot Holding - Downpayment?
  96. Looking for Daycares in Freehold NJ - Any experience???
  97. Just wondering
  98. Should I report this daycare?
  99. Live-out Nanny Doing HER OWN Laundry at our house
  100. Child left unattended
  101. Secretly Recording Your Daycare Provider
  102. Gratuity for day care provider at Christmas
  103. Bleach Around Children
  104. Daycares should have secure doors?
  105. Daycare sold/children &employees Files
  106. Mental Abuse
  107. Flees and Dogs in Home Daycare
  108. Getting started
  109. new daycare center in brooklyn, ny
  110. Worker Posted My Child's Picture on Her MySpace
  111. nutrion and safety
  112. AR Licensing Standards
  113. Do I Have To Pay Full Tuition If Child Is Out Sick?
  114. New York daycare time vs parents work time
  115. Playing Doctor
  116. Confidentiality
  117. Reporting a Daycare in Wheaton Il.
  118. Beware of this Daycare
  119. How do I know if my child needs braces?
  120. Child Endangerment???
  121. How many kids to on adult
  122. Not Allowed to Breastfeed at Daycare
  123. Horrible Daycare Director - What Can I Do?
  124. 19-1/2 month old being held back
  125. Why Do You stay?
  126. punishment with food
  127. Sibling Discounts
  128. daycare in tn
  129. A Local Resource I could Sell Daycare Items On?
  130. ?? Determining if a daycare is providing quality care ??
  131. Louise Sattler, owner of SIGNINGFAMILIES.com
  132. :mad:Bad day care experience
  133. Question for Parents
  134. First Time Mom Daycare Jitters
  135. Let kids be kids....
  136. Daycare Supply List
  137. Breach Of Confidentiality??
  138. Looking for INHOME Daycare Bucks Co PA
  139. Bad Apple Daycare
  140. Some *FANTASTIC* Reccomendations
  141. My 3 yo is hitting at DC
  142. Daycare in Frankfort, KY?
  143. Do I report???
  144. Lice in Texas day care
  145. Gift Ideas?
  146. Dating the daycare provider?
  147. Soiled Underwear in Day Care Centers
  148. After School Care?
  149. 3-Month-Old Crying Nonstop In Daycare
  150. Free the Parents
  151. Liquor bottles at home daycare
  152. What do I do if I suspect things that shouldn't be going on at DC
  153. Nice thing a parent did
  154. Home Daycare in Ohio
  155. New York Laws
  156. Napping 4mo old in CA daycare - Rules as far as them being watched while napping?
  157. Reported by DC
  158. Fund Raisers
  159. Biting
  160. Toddler Confined to a Chair
  161. Daycare Rules Listed in My Handbook
  162. Unlicensed Provider Claiming to Take Me to Court
  163. Our township is reluctant to enforce the daycare laws
  164. Is it Healthy for Children to Attend 2 Different Daycare?
  165. Daycare Took My Money and Won't Give Back Deposit
  166. Toilet Trained to Move into the 3 Year Old Room?
  167. Can I Report & to Whom if I Can?
  168. How Often do Parents Change Service Providers?
  169. Toy and Book Swaps in Daycares
  170. Private School Daycare - Do They Following State Standards?
  171. Can Someone Recommend a Good Familycare in Montgomery County in Maryland?
  172. Night Time Child Care Center
  173. Daycare Worker Dropped My Baby...
  174. Is it Legal to Charge for Full Year When Leaving a Program with Notice?
  175. Daycare Withheld Health Related Information
  176. Safety Question - Alarms, Pin Codes at Entrances
  177. Proper Attire for Children at Day Care
  178. Michigan Laws for Outdoor Play at Daycares
  179. Provider Unsure About Our 3-Year-Old
  180. What Do You Think - Abusive Care?
  181. Sleep Mat and Bedding
  182. Home Daycare Assistant Minimum Age - and Supervision?
  183. Child Not Sleeping
  184. Paying Full Tuition When the Daycare Closes for a Snow Day...Is This Fair?
  185. VERY Concerned and PO-ed Parent!
  186. Child Dev. Hammond, in Neglect
  187. Question About My Son
  188. Child Tracking GPS Device for Kids
  189. GA Law's on Contacting Parents When Children are Sick
  190. Another Child Touched My Son at Daycare
  191. New to Daycare - Always in the Swing
  192. Can Anyone Recommend a Good Child Care in Morristown, TN?
  193. Ever Take Another Child's Parents to Small Claims Court?
  194. Three Month Old Just Started Daycare and is Sleeping Mos of the Day - Is this Normal?
  195. Comparing State Ratios
  196. Babies 6 Weeks of Age?
  197. Do You Have Children Aged 2 to 5 Years? I Need Your Help
  198. For Parents of Children with Autism and Related Disabilities
  199. Need a Daycare Soon!
  200. No Refund....Upset Parent...Help Plz
  201. Daycare w/ Autism Training Needed in Brooklyn Park, MN
  202. Food Issues in Daycare
  203. Frustrated with Provider - Sick Days and TV
  204. Should I be Concerned?
  205. Are Monitors for Napping Required?
  206. Very Affordable Childcare
  207. Finding at home childcare?
  208. Would it Seem Weird.....
  209. Signing In and Out of Daycare Question
  210. Complain About Daycare Issues
  211. Is Twice a Week at Daycare Better Than One Day a Week?
  212. Child Attending Multiple Daycares
  213. Upset
  214. Daycare Rules
  215. Anyone a Member of a Parents Advisory Board?
  216. Would Like Daycare Worker Opinion Please
  217. Payment Question
  218. Help - Daycare Took dd Swimming After I said NO
  219. Personal Visitor at Daycare
  220. Fire Alarm System Not Functioning @ Daycare
  221. Anyone Heard of Kideo Video Productions?
  222. Infant Sleep Standards @ Daycare
  223. Violence at Daycare
  224. Most Important Aspects to Consider for Picking Childcare Provider?
  225. Car Seat Alarm
  226. How Can I Get Over My Fears?
  227. Why is DCFS Licensing Daycares?
  228. Am I Over Reacting?
  229. Sick Children
  230. Recommend Daycare in Hamilton, NJ
  231. What Do Parents Look For in a Daycare?
  232. Would You Pay for Pre-school Computer Classes?
  233. Strange Pick Ups
  234. Safety Question
  235. Do I Have to Pay for Their Mistake
  236. Numbers
  237. Building Available For Daycare Center
  238. Do You Expect Your DCP to Listen to You?
  239. Disgusted in Owatonna MN!!
  240. Is A Separate Room For Napping Required By Law?
  241. Know Your State's Rules
  242. A Few Questions for Providers
  243. Double-Paying For Days w/ No Refunds
  244. What Do About Unprofessional Daycare Director And Teachers?
  245. Daycare Canceled With No Notice
  246. Concerned Over Water Fountain & Bathroom..
  247. Non-Immunized Children In Day Care Facilities
  248. One Of Those Days
  249. Charged For Services 18 Months After Left Daycare Center
  250. Can daycares Tell Anyone That Family Was Terminated?