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10-22-2010, 08:25 AM
Okay, while reading the thread about a hungry baby being dropped off, I noticed a poster who said a parent made a request to have their child completely fed and ready at pick up. This got me thinkin'.......(this could be dangerous.....:rolleyes:) what is the weirdest request you have had a parent make to you?
me? I had a mom bring her 3 yr old daughter into care in the wee hours of the morning, like 5 a.m. and the dcg was wrapped in a blanket. Mom handed her over to me. I thought she was sleeping. Nope, she was covered in vomit! Mom says: "She threw up in the middle of the night and I don't have time to bathe her....." She tried to hand me clothes etc. (Her kids usually came early in pj's and dressed after they were fully awake)
I immediately handed her back and was like, "Seriously??!?" Any ways, it turns out that the little girl had an ear infection and her ear drum had ruptured and she was throwing up because of it. Long story short....this mom was very young and lots of calls had been made to dhs because of her. She ended up getting her ducks in a row and all is well now. This all happened back in 1997. So I am curious...what is the weirdest, strangest request a parent has asked of you?

10-22-2010, 09:37 AM
I have a DCM that is never here on time (8am-6pm but usually gets here anywhere from 9am-10:30 sometimes noon). Doesn't really bother me because she pays extra to have freedom with her schedule and hey, she pays for the spot and I close at 6pm so if she misses out on a few hours that's up to her.

Anyway when my DD started school this September DCM told me (yes told me, not asked me) that it was okay with her if I wanted to stop by her house at 8am after dropping my DD off at school to pick up her son. Her actual words were "You know, you can just drive over to my house and pick him up after you drop off [my daughter] at school. I am paying for 50 hours a week". :lol::lol:

I just pretty much said that if she wanted him at daycare at 8am she could drop him off at 8am and that I would be there for sure, otherwise I would continue with my routine of taking her to school and staying until school started (the other DCK's were allowed to play on the playground with other school kids in the morning). Like it's my responsibility to make sure your child is at my daycare on time lol. You pay for 50 hours week and you don't get your 50 hours because you always run late for whatever reason, not my issue ... not my fault. Not to mention the fact that my DD's school is the halfway point between my house and her house which means that I'd be driving out of my way. No way. Not for you, not for anyone.