View Full Version : DCM Offended When I Didn't Change Schedule For Her

04-07-2011, 07:00 PM
I agreed to take on a child who only needed care two days a week temporarily for two months. One of these days I was closed, but accepted this child becuase it was only temporary and a friend recommended her. Care was only from Aug to Sep, til regular sitter returned from vacation.

Child was 10 months and had a hard time adjusting. Cried all the time and needed to be rocked to sleep, once asleep, only slept like 20 minutes. On the day I only had her in care, I didn't mind, since I didn't have anyone else to attend too. On the day I had her, along with other children, I had to let her cry, becuase I couldn;t put all my attention on her and ignore the other children.

After a month, she adjusted and did improve greatly. When the two months was up, DCM informed me that she will continue to bring her the same days a week indifinately. After a while that one day a week, that I was technically closed and only opened for her, becuase I was told it was temporary, became hectic for me. I couldn't do what I had plan to do, I didnt' want to take child along with me on errands, becuase I didn't trust her behavior outside of daycare and I missed volunteering at my son's school when I was off.

Just when I was at my wits end, DCM comes to me and tells me if it was ok to switch the day to another day. I told her it wouldn't not be a problem and would work out better for her becuase she will be with other children her age, instead of alone all day. I got my day off again and scheduled it to run my errands, make appts, volunteer at school, etc. After two months of this schedule, DCM emails me if she can switch back to the other day she had orginally, I emailed her back letting her know that unfortunately, I would no longer be available on that day due to not having any other child enrolled and had already reserved that day for myself to get much needed things done. I also expressed to her that her child got along so well with the other children her age and would benefit her. Well, to my surprised DCM never responded to my email.

A month later, I emailed her again sending her my monthly newsletter and again, no response. It's been about 3 months and I haven't heard from her. It does bother me becuase I made an exception to my schedule for her and now that I can't accommodate her, she writes me off. How rude.. Also, since she is related to my friend, I am sure that I will eventually bump into her one day at a BBQ or something. I wonder how that will go? hummm... what do u think? Was I wrong to deny switching her day back? Was she acting childish by not responding to me?

04-07-2011, 07:16 PM
I definitely would not put this on you! She is acting childish because she didn't get her way. Sorry that happened!

04-07-2011, 07:19 PM
Did this really surprise you? A good portion of daycare parents have no idea the sacrifices that providers give to care for kids and they have no imagination to drum up some gratitude either. You were very accommodating and she got spoiled and entitled. Extremely rude for her not to respond in any way even if it was a "thanks but no thanks" sort of ending to the relationship. You NEED your day off and you did the right thing. Just take the high road if you see her again. Don't mention it, act friendly and just let it go. Let her be the immature, ungrateful one. I don't take drop ins period but I made one exception for a neighbor and took her son for months on an as needed basis. The ONE time I said no was because every one in the whole house was very sick, daycare was closed. She got all huffy about it, never scheduled any thing after that and never acknowledges me in any way. I know it does still hurt a bit because we were on pretty friendly terms but parents just get so crazy regarding childcare. You aren't supposed to be anything but a machine that can handle it all with never a complaint or issue.

04-11-2011, 08:06 PM
Thank you for your replies....I feel better about my choice and staying firm with my schedule.