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06-29-2011, 12:41 PM
I've got a great group in my daycare home, and we've had the odd rough nap time but it's generally with the same child, and he is very part-time. My full timer used to LOVE nap time and we would make it a little game with getting ready for nap time, he knew to get his diaper and wait at the change table, he'd get his blanket and his soother and we'd head upstairs together. This has been our routine for 10 months , with no changes, no time changes, etc. It's always the same spot for his nap, same blankie, same soft music, same time, and exact same routine. Since this Monday...he SCREAMS at nap time. When I start our naptime routine, he runs and hides and fights me as I bring him upstairs. I am still doing the same routine, same time, nothing has changed....but he just SCREAMS. and I'm not talking a little disruptive crying..I'm talking, make his throat raw, blood curdling, screams.

I asked mum if he was doing the same at home, she says no- he's calm and quiet there. Lately though his voice level even when playing and speaking, has elevated quite a bit- he's always been a "loud kid" ...the way he walks is loud, his voice is loud, etc- but we're going beyond his typical loudness and going into downright disruptive. He spent the weekend with his grandmother and it seems everytime he spends longer bouts of time with this particular grandmother, we go through a re-transition into daycare. How do I handle this? I know that when he's screaming while we play it's a complete attention grab, and although I want to ignore the behaviour- I can't. He gets time outs for screaming while we're having play,circle, or whatever and is ignored once in his time out spot. But nap time, what the heck?? He is very attached to me, like......extremely. He's more attached to me, than he is with his own mum, which is odd because he has to share my attention with 6 other children on a regular basis- 3 of which being my own. If I sit down for a second, he slinks over to me and tries to sit, ontop of me. he stands glued to my side, resting his arm on me, or touching my back, or touching my knee...etc. I take his hand or arm, and move him so we have 'personal space' and he complains, but I'm trying to establish that space , with everyone here- even my own.

So....what do you think? How should I handle this ? Thing is- his mum is a teacher and tomorrow is her last day of work, at which point he goes to 1 day a week of daycare for the month of July. So...I could leave it for mum to deal with, but I know I'm going to have to deal with it weekly regardless. Thoughts? :confused:

06-29-2011, 01:32 PM
I have no solution to this. There is really nothing you can do when mom takes over and his little world is all shook up for the summer. Either deal with it one day a week or don't. I have one like this too that comes back all out of sorts from grandma. I found out that grandma only feeds kid with chocolate items, pudding, cake, you name it.....ALL weekend.

06-29-2011, 01:47 PM
ya mum said she doesn't think grandma had nap time...at all , all weekend. little man is only 18mos and still on 2 naps.. oy.

at least when he's home with mum they stay on my schedule, so although he'll be a bit off , on the one day a week he's here- he'll still be somewhat consistent, and goes back to full time come August.

06-29-2011, 01:58 PM
I don't know any way out of this. I don't use pacifiers at all and I don't allow blankets until they are two and in the big kids sleeping room away from the babies. It may be best for him to not put him to bed with these items and just offer them to him when he can settle himself down. Just offer them when he is calm so he associates their use with when he is QUIET.

I definitely wouldn't agree to one week per month over the summer. I would rather just have him gone all summer and then come back full time. That's going to be a week of pure he11

06-30-2011, 08:36 AM
he's here only on Mondays just for the month of July , so it shouldn't be too awful.

As for paci and blanket in bed- he's always gotten these things in bed, and it's the same as at home so we stay consistent with bed time. The other children have their favourite things with them as well whether it be a blanky, a plushie, or even their milk. I try not to disrupt their home schedule too much, just as when they're home they try to stick to my scheduling and our discipline methods are consistent as well.

Today he was a bit quieter when I put him down for nap, but still screached for a short amount of time- and when I said it's time for bed , he took off in the other direction crying.. It really bugs me that he's suddenly upset with nap time and cries- since he has never been this way before. Just makes me really wonder about time with grandma- I know that they tend to not stick to schedules and do whatever they feel is best..but what grandma thinks an 18 month old can go a full day without a nap of some sort? So I wonder if he was yelled at and that sort of thing...and that's what bugs me.