View Full Version : 2 yo DCB Super Snotty And Mom Does NOTHING

07-13-2011, 08:21 AM
I have a 2 yo dcb who does nothing but talk back, push the other kids around, and scream and cry. I know he is adjusting to a lot as he has a new baby brother who just started daycare this week, but it is becoming too much already. He has been in time out 5 times already this morning, and he has only been here for an hour. I am going to have to seperate him (probably a pack n play with toys in it) because he is being very aggressive towards the other kids (kicking, scratching, hitting with toys, pushing). In the mornings mom always warns me that it has been a rough morning and when she talks to him, no matter what she says to him he answers with a very sassy "NO!". I tried to let it go and let mom take care of it but she just kisses him and says nothing, so I started saying, "Oh no, we don't talk to mom that way, remember, we talk kindly." He just glares at me. She says nothing. Ugh. Why can't parents just do the right thing for their kids?! They are doing them NO favors by letting them do and say whatever they want. That doesn't fly in real life. So frustrated. Advice?