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07-16-2011, 05:17 PM
Hi! New here and new to running a daycare business. My first official day will be this coming Monday.

Today I babysat a little girl for about 6 hours who I found through care.com. the mother posted she was willing to pay 8.50/hour and care would have been at her house with her providing food. She agreed to bring her to my home instead since we live less than 5 minutes apart. Since she was coming here I would obviously provide her meals. She never asked what I would be charging. I think she should have asked and I assumed it would be what she had posted online.

She came for an interview and I gave her a contract and all paperwork needing to be filled out as I would have any other full timer fill out. She did not bring it with her today. The agreement was supposed to be to care for her from 9-4. She text me the day after our interview saying that she would be bringing her at 10:30 bc she had dance class for the next few weeks.

So she ended up bringing her in a few minutes late and signed in at 10:40 when she was here before that. She then text me at 4:01 saying she'd be here at 4:11 (10 minutes later). She arrived to pick her up close to 4:30. I charged her 51.00 total. Was this too much? She asked if I would be charging per hour and if I did block discounts. I am unsure of what block discounting is and she said she'd bring in a flyer. What do you all think of this situation? Thanks!

07-16-2011, 05:42 PM
you need to decide a few things for sure and not look to the parents to help you make that decision

Are you willing to take kids only full time or will you consider part time, half days, by the hour, etc. You have to figure out what parents you will accommodate and what your charge would be. What is your daily charge? I personally charge by the day ($30 per day here) regardless of how many hours they are in my care (10 hour max) but I know some providers here go by the half day or by the hour.

Decide your policies on food (do the parents provide or you), drop offs, pickups, early or late fees and then stick to your policies. Dont start getting into a case by case basis because this mom has already broken like 10 rules if she was at my house. I NEVER take anyone without a signed contract and the contract includes all the above policies. Why is this stuff not already hashed out on your end?

07-16-2011, 05:52 PM
It is supposed to only be saturday care bc she says she works about 60 hours a week. I didn't think it needed to be discussed on my end as this is what she posted the rate of pay would be. I am providing babysitting for her not necessarily daycare. She goes to daycare elsewhere throughout the week. I didn't think that bc I will be running a small daycare I should be paid less than say a college student which I believe she was looking for.

07-17-2011, 06:37 PM
You really should have everything in writing. Never assume anything and don't even accept a verbal agreement. Figure out what you are willing to work for and then let this mom take it or leave it.

07-18-2011, 08:00 PM
I will need to get with her and see what it is she is willing to pay me and if it will work for me. I know I have come to the decision that $30 wouldn't be much to tie up my weekends and only care for solely her daughter. My husband and I live 5 hours from out hometown and would rather have weekends open for traveling. Thank you for your advice.