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12-15-2011, 12:22 AM
I'm still trying to figure out the best things I could get for my daycare sooner rather than later. Right now I have some shelves, but I am using some of those plastic clear pull out drawers and they just don't seem to work as nicely. For one, I have plenty of floor space and don't want things to be "tucked/hidden away" while I'm trying to get my enrollment started. Secondly, I want to keep the main daycare room uniform and have options for separating spaces more than I do with many smaller items lined up next to each other. I can spend some money come January or soon thereafter and am really thinking about just getting a pack of 4 cots from DSS for their $79.79 free shipping special and then a laminate shelf. (Laminate because I want to be able to spray it to clean it and wood you can't do that)

I've always wanted a sectioned off shelf like you would find in a daycare center most likely and I found a folding one on walmart's site for a reasonable price. I wish it were a few inches taller, but at least it is shorter than my current "pink" ha ha, laminate shelf. I have a ledge around 3/4 of the main daycare room and only have one short wall that I can currently place the laminte shelf on so I would love to find a replacement and more that for storage elsewhere.

Here is the walmart shelf. I only expected to buy one 8 sectioned shelf, but I think I could like with one that folds so I could keep it straight or angle it 90 degrees for a corner section.http://www.walmart.com/ip/Early-Childhood-Resources-14-Fold-Lock-Cabinet-Laminate/16943048 •Each Side - 48''W x 14''D x 36.25''H so it would be 96" wide when fully opened. This one is $319.99

They also sell this shorter matching one http://www.walmart.com/ip/Early-Childhood-Resources-30-Medium-Fold-Lock-Laminate/16797053 for $279.99 which is 48''W x 30''H x 14''D (each side)

I figure for $40 more I would much rather have a tall shelf because 30" high is NOT tall at all. 36.25" shelf seems like a standard height for preschool but I'm guessing they want kids to have toys on the top shelf whereas I would prefer to have items they can't have on their without permission.

So do you think buying just the one taller shelf from walmart online would be a good purchase? I'm not worried about quality, but the general design and usage of the shelf. If I like it I would buy the shorter matching unit for the baby toys and area to be sections off some. Let me know if you can find a similar product for close to the same price. I would greatly appreciate it.

I just found the website they originally came from and they have a few more options. They also have the option of purchasing just one shelf instead of two and if you buy just one it is exactly half-price so they don't charge more for the item. What do you think? http://www.wayfair.com/Early-Childhood-Resourcess-ECR4Kids%AE-Laminate-Storage-Units-Collection-X93762.html The tough part of this research is I need to find a set that I find find extra furniture pieces with because I don't want to buy random shelving units for the same room that don't match. This is free shipping too!

1. Must be laminate and not all brightly colored--toys are colored I don't need a rainbow of furniture colors.

2. Must be taller than 30" that is too short for main display shelves.

3. Must have shelf divided sections to easy to identify toy locations.

4. Must be reasonably priced. THANK YOU!

**I have googled this before and the best I could find was this http://www.discountschoolsupply.com/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?product=29447&category=3017&bid=1030&CategorySearch=&Brand=&Price= BUT it's only one shelf and it's all wood not laminte. If you doubled the cost to get two shelves out of this is would be more expensive than the walmart shelve checking in at $332 for two so I'm just not having luck finding a better deal. Please help!