View Full Version : How Do You Feed Your Infants?

03-26-2012, 01:22 PM
What are your schedules like for infants that have started solids, 6 months on up I guess? I have a 7 months old and we are having a really hard time getting him on any sort of a schedule. He was doing great until the time change, ever since his sleeping and eating have both been totally out of wack. We think he is also working on his first two teeth so that isn't helping.

Christian Mother
03-26-2012, 10:31 PM
I have 2 infants in my daycare...

The youngest is 4 months he weighs 19-20 pds and is super tall...he comes at 6am in the morning and I start him off with a bottle. He usually drinks 5 oz and then about a hr later he has oatmeal with either pear or prunes. He will eat a full thing of oatmeal and prunes mixed together...you know one of the full containers for stage 1? Then 4 hrs later he will have another 4-5 oz bottle and and hr later have 1 full container of squash or carrots or sweet potatoes and 1 full container of green beans or peas. Then 4 hrs later he will eat another 5 oz bottle. Mom likes to feed him food when she gets him and takes him home. He is here from 6am til 4pm. The baby will normally take 3 naps during the day and sometimes they are an hr sometimes 2 hrs. these are always just after eating.

With my other infant she is 10 months and she comes around 9am. The parents are exspected to feed her breakfast but sometimes doesn't and so she is hungry buy the time she is dropped off. I will feed her a bottle which sometimes she will drink 6 oz and other times 2 oz and then have a full container of vanilla yogurt or a 1/2 bag of oatmeal with cinn/apple stage 2. around 12am. I have her on schedule where she take a nap at 9:30 and wakes up at 10:30am and then another nap at 1:30-2:30pm. Sometimes longer naps. When she wakes up from her naps she normally wants a bottle and it's always 2 oz. each time.

I have a part time baby 6 mos. that comes when I have room and she is breastfeed. She won't take a bottle but she drinks ever 3-4 hrs. Mom will take off of work to feed her. She will usually have 1/4 of fruit and then at lunch have 1/4 of veggies. She is getting better at eating from a spoon. :) She also takes about a hr two 2 hr naps at each feeding.