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  • NikkiRegal 03-14-2019 05:49 AM
    Hi everyone I'm in Easton Pennsylvania and I was trying to open up a home daycare I did all my zoning finger prints and ready to send my paperwork into the state and my HOA told me that I cannot have a commercial business out of my home is there any law or anything that says I can't from the state itself that I can fight this with. I don't get it if I am zoned for in home business shouldn't this be enough
  • DaycareNinja 01-20-2020 10:50 AM
    I'm just beginning the process - I'm still doing my research and starting my paperwork, etc. so I'm not sure if this would be something you would have to take up with the State or your local community. I would definitely check your local zoning laws...that might be a good place to start. Good luck!

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