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  • Madukes 02-21-2015 09:10 AM
    Good morning Ohio group, I need some advice on absolute must haves as far as what to buy for caring for infants and toddlers. Any advice would help. So far I have a playpen, a toddler bed, and a crib. Is there a list of things the state requires you to have? I already have all the safety equipment. Just wondering if any of you who are already experienced in this field can help lead me in the right direction on what to buy so i don't miss anything or buy to much of the wrong thing.
  • Marly1956 09-02-2017 12:11 PM
    Toddler Bed make sure it has the side railing, Highchair, Booster chair, Gate(s) Stroller. As for your crib make sure the spokes are not to far apart. There are Crib regulations I believe everywhere. I think the gap is 2"? Check with your State's Regulations as to how many children you can(not) have at a certain age. They wouldn't want you to have say 4 two yr. olds. Do you need a Daycare License and is there a course that has to be taken. I wish you Much Luck and Happiness in your future endeavor's. Take Care, Marly

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